"This Phone is already set up as a mobile presence device" - NO IT'S NOT

Hello - I removed my wife’s phone as a presence device because it seemed to be stuck as “present” as of 8/13. Not I can’t add it back because I get the message above.

I looked through the web and her phone is not there, so I don’t know where to look to remove it. How do I get rid of it to be able to add it again?

just spit balling here but did you use it with any other app that ST integrates with not ST’s itself? I had an issue with an iHome iSP5 plug showing up twice because Alexa saw it and it’s own iHome app had it listed so Alexa would ask which one I wanted to control and then say it wasn’t available. Had to delete it at both places then just added it to Alexa.

Just checking - you are trying to log in with your wife’s account on her phone when trying to add the phone presence and not with your account?

No other apps are using it, but that’s a good guess. Thanks!

When you say “my account” I am assuming you are not referring to the ST Hub account correct? I only have one login for the ST hub. Unless something changes 8/13 it should still work right?

In other words - both of our phones are logged into the same ST account, and I add each phone directly through each phones ST app. Then they both are added as presence sensors and used for routines.

For now - I have removed my phone as well and connected Life 360 for this functionality.

Your wife would need her own login in order for the phone presence to work on her phone.

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