Use a dumb siren plus smart plug with STHM?

that one shows $35 so why not just get the monoprice $24.

I can go to the local hardware and get this one in the morning. also the link you sent me shows out of stock

About the only thing you don’t seem to have mentioned is setting the alarm attribute. So e.g.

def siren()
    sendEvent( name: 'alarm', value: 'siren' )
    return on()

Not forgetting one will be needed in the off().

I don’t know if that would make any difference.

ok so i was told on this thread i could do what i was trying to do because zigbee…i figured it was possible but i was at a dead end as to what i was missing. perhaps this is it. Ill try it. thanks.

hmm well now i can’t get it to create the device handler with or without that part you added. im so confused lol