Siren Alternative

So I did not like the siren that was offered by smart things, I did not think it was loud enough. I took a regular alarm siren and put a 12v power supply on it with a smart outlet. I made/altered a app that turned on the smart outlet when the contact or motion sensors were tripped. The smart outlet turns on and powers the siren until you turn it off. This may not be a great alternative for a new smart things user, which is why I took a break in period before I hooked the siren up, so I did not upset the neighbors.

you didn’t think its loud enough?? I have nightmares of that siren.

Well, I only heard it in videos, so that might be my problem. But the siren i now have literally wakes up anyone within a mile radius, it is a fire alarm siren, mounted externally. That was also another downfall of the provided sirens. They didn’t like the weather.