USB swicth


I am looking to do a couple of automation based on devices being on. E.g turn on my workstation when my laptop is on. Or don’t run goodnight if the TV is on. Are there any USB switch devices that i could pair with smartthings? So if there is power to he device, smartthings recognises it as on?


Most of TVs and laptops have live USB port as long as they are plugged in to power grid. They will always show power on.

I don’t know how many devices you are looking to monitor… but I use a power monitor on my TV that e.g. runs a rule to not turn off the heating at night if the TV is still on (power level is above a threshold).

Here is an example of a plug with power monitor:

Hi there. My TV and my laptop both cut power to the USB device when on

Thanks. I used to achieve it this way, until the plug blew up. I also have my TV flat mounted to the wall now, so no room for this plug behind the TV

Buy a Samsung TV, that way the smartthings hub knows its exact state and you can control it using alexa. I know thats not very helpful but I couldn’t resist :sweat_smile:

Sonoff do a smart USB switch but I dont think that’s what your actually looking for. Although you could use that as a monitored switch. But there would be a delay because you’ve said your usb’s aren’t powered when off, so any device plugged in would have to wake-up and connect to your hub before they could be used for anything

If your devices are connected to your hub/alexa device you could use virtual devices to run automations. E.g. if alexa sees your TV on it will turn on a virtual device and that in turn can be included in your current “dont run goodnight if TV is on” automation

i did have a samsung TV, but i could never get it to work properly with smartthings. I have an LG now.

i will look at that sonof. Thank you

Hi, unfortunately i use google homes not amazon. Interesting though, thank you.