(US) Zwave thermostat that works with baseboard systems

Someone asked this question a while ago, but I can’t find that topic right now. It was buried in another thread. So if anyone remembers where that is, let me know and we can move this.

Anyway, in the US there is a Z wave thermostat from two gig which is supposed to work with the zoned systems, including baseboard heat. Connection instructions are in the manuals. This should work with smart things, although I don’t know if all features would be available. Make sure you get the Z wave version, as 2Gig does also make devices in other protocols.

The 2GIG-Z-STAT programmable communicating thermostat operates via a high-quality, easy-to-use touch screen. To program or adjust your 2GIG-Z-STAT, simply touch your finger firmly to the screen. The screen will automatically light up and you will hear a “beep.” The screen will respond differently to different types of touches, so you may want to experiment by touching it different ways, finger, fingernail, etc. Do not use a sharp or metallic device; it will scratch the screen.
Statement of use: 100% Compatible with all popular residential HVAC systems; 24VAC single, two stage conventional heating systems (gas/oil/electric), heat pumps, single stage or with auxilliary heat (electric or fossil), zoned forced air and zoned hot water (2 or 3 wire), millivolt systems (with 24VAC adapter), one or two stage cooling, and hybrid systems.

The only thing is I can’t tell if this is the same feature set as the CT100 that’s on the official compatibility list. Or not. If someone has the manual for that device and can check and see if it lists the same compatibility set, that would be good to know.