US Hub (908) with EU zwave usb dongle (868)

Has anyone got to use a zwave EU usb dongle (868 mhz) with a US smartthings hub (908 mhz)?
My story is that i already have lots of fibaro eu devices, also a homecenter2, and now i bought a ST hub, but is it US version.
Is there a way to add a usb dongle or anything else like a gateway, hub, or whatever, in order to be able to add 868mhz devices to my us st hub?

Thank you!

No, the USB port is not supported for anything other than power (although i wouldn’t plug anything too draining into it) on the ST hub.

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Ok. Thanks.
And how about an arduino or raspberry gateway?
I mean, have an arduino or raspberry with a zwave dongle and ethernet, and use that as a gateway.

Or a driver (device handler or whatever) in order to communicate the ST hub with the fibaro homecenter.

To smartthings? No, you would have to run some software on the RPi (like HomeAssistant) to manage your z wave devices and then connect that to ST. You’re better off just buying a ST EU hub As you will constantly being getting unintended info for you. Your hub will always be designated as being in the US when it isn’t. I don;t think it’s intended to work they way you’r trying to make it work. If you’re in the EU, buy an EU hub. If you’re in the US, buy a US hub.

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actually i´m in argentina, southamerica. it’s easier to buy here the us version, but if it will be a pita then i better sell it and try to buy an european one.
if there was a driver to link smartthings hub with fibaro homecenter then my issue would be solved, but i think it’s not a good option.
Thanks for your answers ryan.
Best regards!