US Amazon echo does not find working UK smartthings devices on same network

Hello, my US account Amazon echo does not find working UK smartthings devices on same network. They are both located in my house in the UK.

My Amazon Echo is set up on US prime account, but is located in the UK. I recently installed a smartthings V2 hub working on the EU 868.42 MHz frequency, and suspect the smartthings account is UK (is it?)…

I have successfully installed a smartthings outlet (from the smartthings kit) and an aeotech micro switch. They both work perfectly on the smartthings hub and Android app.

The problem is when I they to connect the devices for voice control on the Amazon Echo. I can see the smartthings hub in the echo androidapp, connect to it, authorize the hub and see the 2 smartthings devices there (I select the two devices with the little radio buttons before continuing). The last screen says I should ask echo to find new devices… but when I so, it doesn’t find any of the smartthings devices!

Note: It does find a UK wemo plug controller, which works great and functions perfectly with Echo.

I have gone into the smart things app and activated each device for echo there, but when I ask echo to find new devices after, doesn’t find anything. They don’t show up as “offline but visable”, like other threads describe either. They are not visible whatsoever on echo but are working perfectly on my smartthings android app.

Please advise…what should I do? I would love to get all this expensive equipment working together like I know it can. Thanks in advance.