Upload camera image

Im sorry if this has been posted before, if i has, search failed me.

Has anybody had any success in uploading images from a camera taken with smartthings to dropbox / imagur / Google drive?

I can successfully take images from my Foscam with the app, but cant do anything with them

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Yeah, I have this same question as well. I’m using a dropcam, but would love for the images to be uploaded somewhere. I’m assuming IFTT should have a receipt for this? I haven’t found one yet.

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agreed, would love this. I’d think you could use dropbox’s API to do this, but im not that smart :wink:

I’ll +1 on this one. The ST app is great for immediate viewing but horrible for archival viewing (seems to randomly store between 0-7 images).

Interestingly I don’t know if there’s a dropcam recipe for this, but they have a similar one if you’re using the manything channel.

I tend to just stick with TinyCam Monitor on my Android phone and my foscams. You can control the cameras, view multiple devices at once and it supports uploading to dropbox.

But you have to open a port :frowning:

I’m trying to close all unnecessary open ports on my LAN

Oh, you have to open several :smile:

I hear you though, it’s not ideal. I think there should be a way to combine the existing “burst” scripts that are out there with some kind of remote retrieval of the pictures, maybe save them to Dropbox or Google Drive.

I haven’t paid too much attention to it though.

I’m gonna tinker with the code and see if i can make this work

Could probably use the HAM bridge from @scottinpollock to do this too.

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So… this is definitely out of my reach… but looking at the API it should be able to be included… i can read code really well, just limp along when writing it… Maybe I’ll take this weekend and try and suffer through it and see what i can do.

For the right person it should be relatively simple to incorporate… @Ben and @urman maybe you could chime in as to our thoughts on this? Id love to see this for archival purposes!

Maybe we can have access to the S3 storage location where the images are currently uploaded to??

I think a ton of others on the forum would love to see an archival solution for images too. :smile:


If we could even get the AWS url, im sure we could do something with an IFTTT recipe. Surely it cant be too difficult for somebody with coding skills.

I guess another option would be to immediate upload the same picture that is uploaded to AWS to a local web server / SMB server /FTP . Does anybody have any ideas on how to do that? /cc @Ben @urman

Using Dropcam, would love IFTTT integration (IF image capture THEN save image to OneDrive)

FWIW, caputred images are stored in https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/s3/smartthings-smartsense-camera/[IMAGE-ID], and the [IMAGE-ID] is listed in the IDE under My Devices > [Camera] > Current States: Image. That page is updated as pictures are taken.

Sadly, I’m not a programmer, so have no idea what to do with that information other than to manually find the images.

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