Upgrading Lightify Firmware

Is it possible to upgrade the Lightify bulb firmware OTA through SmartThings? I can check for updates in the IDE, though it seems to only work sporadically. I did read an article that some devices need to be powered off and on, though that didn’t seem to work…unless i actually need to remove the bulb completely and not just turn off the switch.

You can try moving the bulbs closer to the hub to see if that helps them with updating. For example, if some are located outside, the distance and outside walls of your house could be diminishing the signal strength enough to prevent them from updating. If they update, you can move them back to their original location.

i have one bulb that is next to the hub. the check for updates worked and now shows that my firmware is out of date and the new target version, beyond that though, i can’t seem to figure out how to actually get it to update.

So I finally got the bulbs to update (except one). I had to change the DTH to GE Link Bulb. The only difference I saw was that that bulb executes locally instead of in the cloud. I would prefer that except the GE Link Bulb DTH doesn’t support RGBW or tunable white. Anyone know of a local DTH I can use? Also the one bulb that won’t update is on firmware 0x01020205, every other bulb was on a newer firmware and eventually updated fine.