Upgrade from v1 hub to v2 hub - migration process?

Is this migration tool still in the works? I am hesitant to upgrade to V2 because it will probably be an entire day of work to do so and that’s just daunting without such a tool to assist.


I have the same question. Bought the $99 deal for the new V2 hub + 2 sensors about 6 months ago, but I haven’t even opened up the new hub box yet. Wish we could get some “official” updates about this possible migration tool!

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I just went through this migration a couple of weeks ago. There is no tool, nor is there likely to be one. Even if there were a tool, the lion’s share of the effort is resetting and re-including individual devices to the new hub. That takes hours.

Some hints if you decide to do it: Do not even touch your existing location, devices, or SmartApps; simply unplug your V1 hub. Create a new location, and install you V2 hub to the new location. As you build the new hub, simple reset (zigbee) or exclude (z-wave) each device as you go, working out from the center. When you want to redo your SmartApps, they are still there in your old location for reference.

When you’re all finished, the old location can be deleted, most likely with help from Support. Don’t worry about that, as it will not affect your new setup.

It took me about 12 hours of effort over two days, 140 devices, 95 SmartApps.

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OMG… this is exactly why I DO NOT want to do this. I guess I will just keep using the V1 hub until it dies. I only have 32 devices but…

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Since I’m retired I could easily play around with this migration for days (or even weeks, ST’s is mainly a hobby for me). But I always try to do things the easy way & try to keep the “boss/WAF” happy.

I do have a Aeon minimote, will that make this process easier? I’ve briefly read some posts about the minimote helping.

Any hints on how to use the minimote to speed up this migration process would be helpful. The less time this migration takes means the more time I can spend by my pool drinking beer & giving my grand dogs their hourly belly rubs.

For z-wave devices, they either need to be excluded from the old hub, which a Minimote is a great tool for, or they need to be factory reset, for which the Minimote is irrelevant.

I used the Minimote to exclude a few devices, where that was just the easiest thing to do. For the vast majority of my devices I did a factory reset, because I’ve learned the hard way with Leviton devices that that is the best method.

I did not use the Minimote to include devices, although this is possible. I just used the mobile app, and I was patient for the added device to show up. If it didn’t show up when I expected, I force-killed the mobile app and restarted it. Often, the device did include and is then found under Devices to Configure. To do otherwise can create huge problems down the road, with phantom z-wave devices that mess up your system. Patience during inclusion, and being super careful about inclusion, is essential to a good outcome.


Has there been any change to this process? I’m very tempted to pick up a V2 hub while it’s on sale, but I just can not fathom the process of moving from V1 to V2 and basically rewinding all I’ve done just to re-do it again.

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Nope. Nothing. I feel your pain and at this point I am waiting for a v3 or another product to come along that is worth the pain. V2 has underdelivered and there is very little incentive to go through a lengthy migration process.


So with the big price drops, are we expecting hub v3 to be released soon, or is the market dictating that they drop the price to remain competitive?

I just discovered this thread after starting a new one on the topic of SmartThings killed my hub and now I must move everything and bury the old one: Migrating to a new hub

OMG I do not want to go through my 100 device migration.