Updating custom device types - do I need to remove and re-add?

If I update a custom device type int he IDE for a device that is already added, do I need to remove and re-add it in order to see the changes?

Nope. It will update. It can take 3-5 minutes for the changes to propogate though.

Also, someitmes you have to kill the app a few times. Usually 2 times. It seems the app needs this to update the UI if anyhting in the UI changed for the device type.

Make sure you re-publish after making changes.

@tslagle13 What if it is battery powered? Wake up?? Say Fibaro Motion Sensor.

The next time the device checks in it should use the new code.

Gracias to all. I thought this was the case (the answers above), just wanted to check and make sure.

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The actual device talks to the device (driver) in ST, the ST device code doesn’t get loaded into the physical device.
You only need to wake a battery device if you want to push parameter setting changes to it.


Yes…I concur… Waiting on 3 more of the Fibaro Motion Sensors. As soon as I get those, will set them as per your suggestions to change the lux parameters. Thanks!