Updates to Google integration

Small update, today I managed to ask Google to turn on my TV even when it’s off, by saying “turn on living room TV” on Google home. On my phone, still doesn’t work.

Still it is so frustrating given I only have one TV connected, and it’s broken because of duplicated devices


Where are the routines from the smartthings classic app. These routines ran my house, now they are no longer useable? The scenes in the new smartthings app are nowhere near as customizable. There’s no control over smart home monitor in the new app’s scenes. Is there a work around? When will these routines finally be available again?

From the first post…

Probably never… Samsung has announced that the Classic ST App is going to be eliminated over the coming months.

Any idea why I keep having to “reconnect account” for SmartThings in my Google Home settings? Everything will be working fine and then randomly I’ll start getting “something went wrong” and “not responding” errors in Google Home. If I go into SmartThings everything works fine … simply reconnecting Google and SmartThings seems to fix the problem for a while, but it keeps happening. Sometimes I go for days or even weeks and then out of the blue, it’s broken again. And sometimes it will happen multiple times in one day (like today).

It was really a semi-rhetorical question and was geared towards someone at smartthings who might actually have an answer. I certainly was not at all expecting to get one, but thanks for trying to answer it anyway.

Samsung has been saying they’re going to eliminate the classic app for over a year. So if the new app doesn’t have equal or greater functionality, it’s a step backwards. Routines are a very big part of our ecosystem, and to not have that functionality with google is a big downfall.


True, but last month they gave a specific timeline which said it would be gone “in the next few months.“ The specific date is new.

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Scene + Automation = Routine. For purposes of Google integration you don’t need a routine (which in classic app had automation built in). You just need scenes that can be triggered by the Assistant.

Only to a limited extent.

It has been several months since I looked at a Routine and I can’t recall if they only had the location pre-conditions/restrictions which Automations now have. If not, then there are Routines that can’t be implemented quite the same.

It is certainly the case that Automations can include actions that Scenes can’t. Until it is possible to write any Automation just using Scenes as actions, there is no real equivalent to executing Routines as you can’t activate Scenes instead. Messing around with virtual switches and things should not be required.

I can’t trigger scenes in my google assistant, it has no idea what I am talking about

Dang, well guess its time to switch platforms…I just don’t understand how ST thinks going from a mature platform to removing feature after feature is somehow an upgrade. Seriously guys, finish the new app and functionality first, then release it, enough of these half-arsed updates that break our smart homes.


I am not following, but there is a better thread for this topic :slight_smile:

Theoretically, it should know :slight_smile: as according to first post:

Routines had location mode filter/condition. Adding that to the automation creator in the new app was bringing the new app up to parity with Classic routines.

I have the simplest of desires. All i want to do is connect my google home to smartthings via my samsung account. I’ve been working on it for 3 days. Everytime i attempt to add a new devices/works with google/ select smartthings/ login to my samsung account, it looks like it is going to work. But at the last moment it puts me back into the add new device / works with google menu, and i check the list of services and smartthings not samsung is there. Repeat 1000 times. Tried a different google account, different samsung account, different phone, tablet everything. Oddly google assistent does list samsung afterwards, and smartthings list google as linked, but nothing ever in the google home app.

Odd that the only function i wanted is to say ok google lock my doors, and this cannot be achieved.

QA is really questionable. I’ve seen my problem in a couple forums

Locks are not supported in either the old Groovy Google voice integration or the new integration unfortunately. If you PM me your account email I’ll check if I can find the reason for you not being able to link (if you have other supported devices than a lock that you want to use that is). If you do not have any supported devices, Google home app will not show your SmartThings action as linked.


I would like to look into this issue, can you PM me your Samsung/SmartThings email and examples of time/date when it broke if you can recall, thanks!


This is not true at all. Routines in the classic app are much more customizable than scenes in the new app. I can’t control the smart home monitor from scenes in the new app, that’s just one of a few examples. Yes, there are workarounds, but the point is I shouldn’t need to constantly tweak things because their “upgrades” remove functionality.

It’s scenes plus automations =classic routines.

Not just scenes.

You can change the security.mode with an automation in the new V3 app.

And you can use any of the following as the trigger for the automation,

If you want to combine it with scenes, have the scene turn on a virtual switch and have the virtual switch trigger the automation that changes the security.mode.

I’m not saying it’s pretty, but it is doable. And most people won’t need a scene at all for this particular purpose.

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I realize there’s a specific date. So, are they telling us when we can expect to lose features? Is that what’s happening?
My point is, they’ve had years to refine this new app and bring it up to par with the classic. If the new app doesn’t support the routines (among other features) that many people have spent a great deal of time creating and implementing, it’s a big step in the wrong direction.


As I said, I realize there are workarounds. But, like I also said, I don’t feel I should have to constantly tweak things because they remove features. It’s pretty simple, the new app should be as good or better than the old. That is not yet the case apparently.


If you’ve been using SmartThings for a while, you should be used by now that one step forward means two backwards. To some degree, scenes can do what routines were never able to do, but like you said, you give some to gain some.

To get back to the topic, the new Google Integration didn’t gain anything but duplicates if you have Hue bulbs integrated, for example.