Updated UI for Nest

No idea, like I said, I don’t use it, I already have all this set up in my other HA system. I am trying to replicate functionality in ST.

My HVAC has been down and I haven’t been approved (blessed) by Nest yet for a developer account so I can use virtual devices. Awesome chrome plugin, btw for testing…

Anyway, try it, trigger a mode, see what happens. Post console logs, and I can see if I can help further.

Ok, bored and can’t sleep… dangerous combination…

Updated Nest Tstat device


and the scheduler smartapp


both of these installed, setting in the mode area the nest tstat, ignore temp, and set to away or home and the mode will now control the Nest.

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I have two Nests. I tried to add a second device for it, and it just won’t display any information on it. It is configured the exact same way, with the different serial number of course, as the first Nest I added without issue. Do you know if there is a problem adding two of these to the same Hub or account?

Also, a suggestion for the icons in the app - instead of saying “cool up” and "cool down’, etc, just put Cool or Heat in button. The arrows show the direction. If you add the second word to each, specifically “down”, the name of the button is cut off since it expands beyond the circle size. Not a big deal. Everything else looks so nice.

BTW, I love the sail boat for away!!

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll update the labels.

Not sure why two nests won’t work. Do you get two things or it just won’t save?


Updated UI based on @brianlees suggestions.

Also, Brian, I tested adding a 2nd Nest, same serial and it showed up and both worked, changed temp on one, switched to other, refreshed and it showed same data.

Might have to suggest you open a ticket with support as to why that isn’t working for you…

Did you by chance make the network id’s the same? it shouldn’t allow it…

I will probably have to contact support. They have different IDs. It just doesn’t load anything. I also didn’t know if support would help too much since this is not an “official” app. However, they don’t have one out yet based on the API and yours is really great!

Is there a setting for setting it to use Celsius?

I believe it will switch to C when the location default is C. I don’t use C so I don’t know. But the code references the local temp variable.

I may have not properly maintained the code for C, but Nest by default is returning C values and code is converting it to F.

So i updated this today. The UI is a nice improvement. But…

Tonight when it was supposed to fire the temp for my night setting i said it did. but it didn’t actually do it. So i started testing and recreated the night event timer and still no luck. It says in the activity log that it set the thermostat to 72 but when you look at it in the devices view it clearly says 74 as the set point. Which is also what my nest reflects. And when i change it in the device it works properly.


Which mode on the nest are you in, heat and cool aka range mode or just heat or just cool?

The original code didn’t really work with range or heat, just the cool, I thought I had heat and range mode’s working, but will admit, I didn’t really want to turn on the heat in the middle of summer just to test it.

Might be the issue.

i have default nest on C but can i delete part to conversion on F?
can you help me?

I’m stuck at the third set of instructions. I’ve created my device type and device. I just can’t find the preferences in which to input my information. Can anyone give me more guidance. When I click on my device Nest I get the information about the device and at the bottom the buttons are edit | delete. No preferences… and hitting Edit does not give me the preference to edit. Just the form where I created the device.

Also, after I get past this part… do I use the rest of the code to create a new smart app?

I’m still new to this and need a little guidance.


Hi Patrick, I am new to smart things. Can I copy and paste this long code? if so how. can you pls provide step to step guide


Sorry I no longer use or support nest.

i just bought nest. I was trying to use the original code written by django. But I am not getting prefernce button in the last step. Your code seem to be providing that solution.
My question is - can i just copy and paste codes? if so how?

yes, in ide, set up a custom devicetype then in devices install a new device

When I click the three dots I only see two options - edit device and support. Preference is still missing