UPDATED 10/7/2015 -- "Double Duty" - Use redundant switch presses to control other lights. You paid a lot for those switches, make them work Double Duty!

Whatever device type SmartThings chose when I added the switch as a new Thing. In other words, I did not create a custom device type in the IDE for the switch.

If I remember correctly, some folks had to use a custom device type because some switches didn’t send the off or on event if the switch was already off or on.

Mine works as well. GE 12722 switch operating a secondary hue bulb. Wait 2 seconds for on or off, works 90% of the time. However, if I dont use it for a while, the less reliable it is.

I am at a loss I removed device, then re added. Switch will work however every fifteen minutes it will turn on or turn off the light I have set to the double tap.

Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this ?

See above starting at post 62. I don’t know if a fix was available.

how about zigbee switch? does it use similar signals?

The Zigbee switch feom GE will not work with Double Tap or Double Duty

Did you hear anything back from Support on the issue? Maybe @slagle can poke the right person to fix the polling for the generic Z-wave switch so it reports status and not an event?


Created new thread to consolidate this issue. @slagle or @jody.albritton do you mind moving the above post under the new thread? Thanks


I’m the original author of this app and I just checked this thread for the first time in months… I am thrilled to see how much interest this app generated, and also glad to see that many others have validated my research that the platform inappropriately sends events that cause apps like this to be unreliable.

To be honest, this app was the first app I did for this platform and the only app I have done for this platform. I had many other ideas for cool stuff to do, but after realizing how unreliable some of these triggers are and getting somewhat frustrated by being forced to use a cloud IDE, I just gave up. I’m a full-time software developer and feel like I could contribute a lot to this community, but I also don’t have the time to spend hours debugging platform problems and fighting with the IDE. For the non-developers out there, let me put that comment into perspective for you. This app took about 15 minutes of my time to write, and most of that was just figuring out a couple nuances to the groovy language that I wasn’t used to. Conceptually, writing the code for this app is something I (and any regular software engineer) could write in minutes. Yet, I ended up spending 5+ hours dealing with the following: thinking I did something wrong when it was really just the platform; trying to prove to myself (and to ST/community) that it was, in fact, the platform; fighting with the IDE being extremely slow and, in some cases, just not working at all for periods of time. That’s 5+ (probably more, but I’m making a safe guestimate as-to not risk exaggerating) hours for what was a 15 minute intellectual contribution. Not a quality return on my time investment. And that 5+ hours doesn’t include time spent on the forums.

With all of that said, I have not been keeping up with the community at all. Have there been any improvements at all to the platform that improves the reliability of the event reporting?


about 2 months ago they added some servers and extra love
and platform is much more stable now

Stability is one thing, but what about reliability of events? The whole problem with apps like this is that the platform sends phantom events that can’t be accounted for in code. My goal with this app was to make intentional duplicated events usable, thus having the ability to rather dramatically improve the experience throughout the home. That GE Link light in the corner that annoys you because it requires an app to operate can now be linked to a light switch you already have installed, for example. It saves people money and adds value to all existing switches in the home. But, unfortunately, this all gets thrown into the meat grinder because the platform can’t be relied upon for interpreting such events.

I did not touch this switch (stock handler)

Which switches support the Z-Wave Central scene command?

In the US, the new homeseer line discussed in the forums. In Europe, the popp and devolo switches and the fibaro button. I’m sure there are more, that’s just off the top of my head.

Thanks. I’m looking for a non-paddle style switch. HomeSeer is only paddle style. :frowning:

The only toggle switch I know is GE. Most people don’t like them because the switch rests in neutral position, sticking straight out, not up or down like a nonnetworked switch. This is less obvious with rockers so they’re more popular.

Yep. I just have a bunch of multi gang rocker style switches, so I can’t exactly replace my rocker for paddle style.
Also Zooz makes a Z-Wave Plus toggle switch for $25/ea. I prefer the feel of the GE (and the included jumper wire for easier wiring), but I prefer the cost savings (and Z-Wave Plus) of the Zooz so went with a bunch of those. :wink:

Cool, thanks. I wonder if they’re also made by Jasco.

I wondered the same. They look VERY similar. But the action of the switch is a little different. The GE has a better feel to it. It kinda clicks when you push it up or down, giving a tactile feel that the button was pressed. Also the GE contains a white jumper cable required to install. The GE also contains short screws to screw the plate to. If you re-use long screws, they actually go into the body of the switch and prevent it from working. But at a 50% increase in price for the GE ($38) over the Zooz ($25), I can live with the Zooz and get a bunch more. :wink:

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Hi Scott, you can install the Fibaro dimmer 2 behind an existing toggle switch and program it with a scene as well. Feel free to read more about it at the blog review we just published: http://www.thesmartesthouse.com/blogs/the-smartest-blog/fibaro-z-wave-plus-dimmer-2-fgd-212-review
Let us know if you have any questions!

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