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GE zwave Switch was double tapped.

Thank you for taking a look.

I agree. I have (6) similar pistons and they all turn their respective lights off early on Sundays (as per the example above) and also turn their respective lights off late on Wednesdays. All other nights work as they were intended.

Someone else noted earlier in this thread that they have a reminder to turn on their coffeemaker the night before each work day (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) - but the reminder is showing up on Saturday too.

So these two issues (only ones I’m aware of) seem to indicate that there may be a bug with webCoRE’s day-evaluations.

Thank you again for taking a look.

With an electronic lock, you can have the alarm disabled when the lock unlocks. I do this for my bedroom door that leads to my deck so the dogs can go out in the middle of the night. It rearms as soon as I lock the door. Easy to do with webCoRE.

@OneFast440 yes, i will post an example later today. just note that the double tap on the zwave switch means the light will have to be turned on then off then on again within specified seconds to work. the double tap is not an event that the zwave switch itself would recognize.

this is why i removed my earlier post and asked the question about wether it is the switch button or a separate button device. thank you clarifying that. will post later.

Non dimmer GE switches are capable of recognizing double on/off taps


thanks @c1arkbar i will try that out. i probably tried a dimmer one last night.

@OneFast440 here is another piston i had posted earlier. what this does is, if the light was turned on by motion, it will get turned off by motion. but if it was turned on manually it will not be turned off with motion and stay on till turned off.

i will still post the other example if this does not solve your use case, but thought i would share and check if this would work for what you have in mind?

EDIT: the set level in there was specific to what the user had asked for, you could always modify that or remove completely if its a non-dimmable bulb.

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Thanks bandali, that is another useful tool, however it does not help in my
current instance. Manual activation is always required.

@bangalI just imported your piston
Works perfectly for my use case
Just a quick, thanks

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@SteMac awesome! great, to hear! this one above?

@bangali… yep the one above
Just changed it to ‘sunrise’ and 'sunset’
Perfect… humming away
I had had a few goes at doing this piston but couldn’t get there!
You made it easy

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awesome! great to hear it worked for you. i will also add a more generic version of it, as a sample on the wiki.

if you need help with other pistons, just ask on this thread. there are plenty of users on the forum that would be glad to help.

thanks for taking the time to let me know that it worked for you, always appreciated. :slight_smile:

It had me stumped when I tested a double tap SmartApp on the nearest switch which was a non dimmer and when I implemented on a non dimmer I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working

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hear you. specially late at night when you want to see it working, just before going to bed and then it should but doesnt. :slight_smile:

EDIT: i know you meant dimmer instead of non dimmer on that second instance. :smile:

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Hello all,

I’m in the process of “test writing” my CoRE pistons in web CoRE. One of my lighting pistons is a latching piston that uses But-if in CoRE:

What’s the most efficient way to replicate this in webCoRE? I read a few instances of people using the piston state condition to replicate But-ifs, however, I must be missing something because it’s still eluding me. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

not claiming this is the most efficient :slight_smile: but this should work.

if kids room sensor motion changes to active
   if kids room sensor illuminance is less than 12lux
      { time is between 8am and 1pm
      | or
      | time is between 4pm and 7pm
      with kids room lights
         turn on
   end if
end if
if kids room sensors motion changes to inactive
   wait 10 mins
   with kids room lights
      turn off
end if

I’ll definitely give it a shot. Thanks for the speedy reply!

you are welcome.

@ady624 or @anon36505037 I need several events to occur between two date/times, and to have those events return to a normal schedule after the end date/time has passed and run normal before the start date and time.

I tried using the virtual device date&time and it will not let me change the default information under the value line.