Update to qubino weather station

Here is an update/modification to the qubion weather station device type…

the following changes:

  • 1.04 changes by l.g. kahn, added colors to many tiles, added last update times for all channels ie wind, rain , ch1 an ch2, as depending on placement
    it is common to not have updates. Later may add alerts for missed updates.
    Also, added offsets for adjust for incorrect temps and humidities as seeing quite a bit of variation from known good sensors.
    Cannot do adjustments to the outside/wind temp as this would screw up the wind chill calculations which are not done in this
    device type, but done directly in the system and sent as a message.
    Also rounding off the ch1 and ch2 temps to 1 digit passed the decimal as we don’t really have 100th of a degree accuracy anyway.
    Also make primary tile multi attirbute showing outside/ch1 temp and below showing windchill, as I primarily use this for outside temp.


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new vesion 1.05 posted


  1. smaller tiles as new suff

  2. keeps track of max, min outdoor temps, max rain/hr and max wind

  3. button to clear max/mins

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Good job with this, it looks nice!

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Yes, very nice! I have tried to add and display the date/time that the min/max values are updated, but have failed. Any thoughts on the best means and methods to do this?


There would be no room under Max min , what does your layout look.like.

I was just going to add separate valuetiles for the min/max update times similar to what you did for the Ch 1, Ch 2, Wind, and Rain last update times. I tried using a method similar to what you used, but I can’t get the value to “persist” (IE: they update when the other events update). I’m a novice at best so what I thought would be simple has quickly become beyond my ability.

yes i can quckly do that… but where are you displaying the values… what does it look like

Thank you!! Here is a screenshot of my attempt. I was just going to have separate tiles for Max Rain Time, Max Temp Time, Min Temp Time, and Max Wind Gust Time. Don’t pay attention to the values because they are wrong. I also didn’t have a 368 mph wind gust event. Not sure what the cause of that is.

Thanks again!!

added datetime a little differnt than you.

unfortunately cannot show attributes in a value tile… o nly name or currentvalue so I cannot add it under the value as I wanted.

Added it next to it
so it goes

max wind date
max temp date
min temp date


pull version 1.07 from the github now.

Thank you!! It appears I was almost there. :neutral_face:

New version 1.08 . See notes for changes, but got it working with less tikes by using a concatenated string.

Thank you very much for the improvements!! It works great!!!

Hi, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but have you been able to get this to work on the new smartthings app? I tried adding it as a new device handler in the IDE, and set in as the device type. when I look at the device on the iDE I see all the values cominng through from the weatherstation, but none of these values are shown when I look at the device through the smartthings app. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you Julian

sorry no… i have scrapped my smartthings hubs and moved to hubitat… that still wouild not work there. i have bought the eccowitt weather station and have many sensors it is pretty resonably priced and works much better. there are additional temp sensors for 13.00 each etc

Thank you Larry, te ecowitt kit looks good, perhaps I will give it a try. All the best Julian