Smart Weather App Install

(Andrew Newton) #1

Hi All

Now I have been a bit of a plonker … I noticed the other day that my smart weather app was not displaying the correct temp…in fact it hadn’t changed in days … Now in my world of IT … normally a uninstall and re-install fixes all sins… so I deleted the app , but now I cannot find how on earth you re-install it …

Any ideas please ? …how do you reinstall the Smart Weather app

Thanks in advance !!

(Nathan Davis) #2

Are you talking about the built-in SmartWeather Station Tile device or the custom 2.0 version made by @takissd?

If it’s the original then log in to your IDE and check if the device is still listed under “My Devices”. If it is not, then click on “New Device” and choose “SmartWeather Station Tile” as the type. Name it whatever you want and type in any unique Network ID, then click Create.

If it’s version 2.0 then follow the instructions in this thread…

(Andrew Newton) #3

Thank you … yes the build in smartthings one … all done and back to normal … remember once you had said how to do it …

(Robin) #4

Just checked my weather tile after reading this… seems to be stuck on old data as well.

Tried changing the zip code back and forth with no effect… guess I need to delete and reinstall as well :frowning:

Edit: Switching to weather 2.0 had no effect (lots of null tiles) but delete and re-add did the trick!!

Good thing I didn’t have any linked automations!!

(Larry) #5

I use my modiified version of the weather tile that has a last update time in it, like other apps so i can tell it is working

(Andrew Newton) #6

Yep I noticed that as well. I use the Rboys weather station controller app now and that seems to work much better