UPDATE: Recent SmartThings User Experience & Platform Performance

(Chris Fichter) #1536

For you people that are still having problems. Have you hit the update button in your IDE?

(Michael) #1537

I think the point here is that the fixes are supposed to make it so we don’t have to do that. If I have to log into the IDE to update my schedules then that tells me the ticker rollout did not help the issues as even this morning I am seeing new schedules not running properly…and old schedules that have been removed still run even though I see no traces of the automation rule.

Example: A while back I added an action to my “Good Night” routine to turn the thermostat down a few degrees and then an action in my “Good Morning” rule to turn the thermostat up a few degrees. I removed these actions from those routines about a week or 2 ago and yet I still see that the thermostat is still getting turned down at night but not being turned back up in the morning, I assume this means that my “Good Night” routine is now corrupt. I am opening a ticket with support but I am getting really tired of having to do this and/or click some kind of “update” link in the IDE to keep things working properly.

(Ben Lebson) #1538

If something was broken before the fix was in place you’ll still have to go into IDE and update it (or go into the app and open/save it).

(David Moore) #1539

I had the alarm go off this morning even though the mobile app showed it was disarmed. It was just the alert, no sirens at first. They came a few minutes later. Later today my wife’s mobile app and the developers page showed it was disarmed, she was in the kitchen making lunch and it just went off on its on. My mobile app showed it was armed away. No door open or accompanying sirens. Second time today there was a discrepancy between the hub and the mobile apps.

(Ian) #1540

Man I have tried to be patient and understanding, but after they posted the resolved status on the status page when most of us are still having issues…that was the final straw for me. I mean I understand that the programming and networking and all that stuff is extremely complicated, but honestly, how hard can it be to pinpoint a problem and fix it when you have had a month to do so? I am not trying to downplay the difficulty of their jobs, but if your current team cannot fix a few glitches in over a month, maybe you need a new team to try and tackle it or at least get more minds working on it. The fact that they resolved it and the same issues are still occurring just leads me to believe that they actually don’t know what the root cause of it is or how to fix it. I don’t know if I should just return it or what. My biggest fear is that what just happened to Revolv hub will happen here if Samsung ends up cutting its losses and severs the business relationship with ST. i just hope they get there shit together and ask for some outside help or more help from Samsung’s resources or something.

(Jason) #1541

I believe they had the fix for most of that time. The Fix was in QA so that everyone didn’t freak out even more if said fix broke something else.

Did you read Alex’s Post?

if you are still having issues after the releases these past two days I suggest opening up a ticket and cc’ing slagle@smartthings.com

(Brian) #1542

Updates do not fix all bugs. Just some. And sometimes you have to fix issues that are leftover from before the update.

(Ian) #1543

If they had the fix the whole time then why is it still not fixed and encountering the same problems as day 1? I admit that things seem a little faster but that was a minor issue for me anyways, other than that I have not really seen any improvement with the original issues and have a couple new ones going on too. Now the alarm just goes off faster when it isn’t supposed to.

(Barton.) #1544

I’m not sure your experience qualifies as “most of us,” but it sounds like you need to try the support ticket route.

(Lee Florack) #1545

You could be correct I guess but I’m unsure how you’d know this.


Prior to the updates, my evening smart lighting automation (no custom code) to turn on the ceiling light would run and then repeat itself 15 or 20 times in one minute.

After yesterday’s updates, it runs once when it’s supposed to – – and then runs again, twice, 15 minutes later. I’m not sure this is an improvement. :disappointed_relieved:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1547

@JDRoberts I forgot about that. I’ll have to check mine and see if it’s still doing it.

(Ben Lebson) #1548

Mine still ran 15 times this morning… It isn’t hurting anything but it is a bit annoying for sure.

(Sully) #1549

Ditto for me on SHM weirdness. The IDE has showed the correct status every time that I’ve checked, but I can refresh the dashboard, and the status may be Armed(Away) or it may be Disarmed. It’s just kind of a toss up. Refresh once or twice, and it’ll change. The mode seems to be right in the app. It’s just SHM that’s having issues.

No false alarms or anything. Should I go ahead and submit a ticket to let them know there’s still issues with SHM? I wasn’t sure since there weren’t any real symptoms aside from the status showing up incorrectly in the app.

(And for the record, 30 devices here, five virtual and two Echo’s, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the complexity of the set up.)


Definitely submit a support ticket for any repeatable weirdness.

(Ian) #1551

Well I just figured that the quick replies I got saying others were having same issues as me about an hour after getting the RESOLVED email from ST support. And considering how terrible this last month has been, I made what I thought was a safe assumption. Oh yeah, and I guess the lack of posts saying that anyone’s been having a terrific and reliable experience played a part too. Nevertheless, I should’ve probably used the word some instead of most…

(Ian) #1552

I have worn out the letters on my keyboard submitting support tickets this last month. But yes I did that as well.

(Matt) #1553

ahhhhh, not things are back to normal.

Routines dont run
State doesnt change
alarm goes off because only 1/2 of a routine executes

I feel better I have gotten so used to things being broken I was at a loss when things worked yesterday

(Bobby) #1554

yuppp, my lights restricted by sunset just came on, a little too early …about 3 hours early. And other weird stuff going on…

(Matt) #1555

Gee I wonder if there was a “Fix” put in today