Update on Groovy Platform Migrations

Seems like a 1+ per day are migrating for me now after a long hiatus. The latest one is weird. I have an Enbrighten Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Motion Dimmer (26933) which converted last night, but the old one was copied but not converted, and I already had one for dimming and one for the switch (not sure why I had two), so now I have three. One new edge that links to the existing routines (all were previously off), the original one without edge, and the third extra dimmer which is not edge. Wondering if I should erase the two duplicates (but not Edge)?


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My final 6 devices have migrated. They were all NuTone NWD500Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Wall Dimmer Switchs. Thank you to the SmartThings team. It took awhile but all my devices automatically migrated.


Smart Lighting Automations Now seem to be broken after migration. I have to actually open them, change them somehow and resave for them to work. There are hundreds… I don’t really want to go through each one to make them work again. Is there any plan to fix these at Large?

I had a very strange thing happed today. two of my Z Wave Aeon Key Fob stopped working properly and I noticed they had been migrated to the Standard Z Wave Edge driver which didn’t recognize the 4 buttons. So I installed a community edge Driver and moved to it instead. Tested it and all was fine. No issues. However now I’m checking again and in IDE its back with a IDE device handler. But in the App, its using the Edge Driver. I assume this is a bug in IDE and in reality it is using Edge ? Has anyone experienced this. And should I care ?

at this point, you may want to use API Browser+ instead of IDE.

The SmartThings Advanced Web App would also be a suitable alternative if you prefer native tools.


Thanks, yes I forgot and of course the API Browser+ is giving me the Edge Driver information, so all is as it should be. I’m now down to 4 devices with old Device Handlers. out of 250+ . I think I’ll move what I can manually, which will leave just 1 device that I can’t find a driver for. So not bad at all.

wtf, when did this come about?


Quite. There was me feeling all smug because I’d spotted the Member Permissions in the app this morning (an accident of timezones and waking up early) which I thought was quite a big deal and then Wesley spectacularly trumped me.

It makes the main ‘my.smartthings.com’ look a bit undercooked though.


The latest release of the CLI supports creating locally executing virtual devices. As far as I can tell my initial guess from a long time back as to how to do it with custom Edge drivers was correct, but my devices have always become unresponsive after a couple of hours in the past.


Thank you to all the brilliant community developers, I now have everything migrated to edge.

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I just got this new notice this morning with the redirect taking you to the aforementioned “advanced” website. Looks like we only have a few more days with the IDE.

Edit: I still couldn’t find any “utilities” on the new webpage. I’m still looking for a native reboot option.

There are API endpoints for quite a few things like that though currently they don’t seem to work with any of the scopes available to end users. I thought I’d seen one for a reboot but maybe I was imagining things or I am confusing it with discovery start and stop. I’ve always assumed there was stuff that needed the Groovy platform gone before we got to play with it.

Hi, @kenobob
Please report that to Customer Support, they should have more info about this.

And with it come yet more API endpoints that aren’t part of the published APIs…sigh…


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Now if they would just implement a backup/restore function…:wink:


Perhaps they have but they need the legacy support out of the way.


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They need to be able to enrol their hub into a channel. I can’t remember if they need to install any Edge drivers themselves or if it is done automatically (it has been too long and I’ve forgotten). Probably the latter. They also need somewhere to do some clicking to trigger an API call per device. That’s pretty much it really. Third parties can handle the profiles, Edge drivers and the ‘somewhere’.