Upcoming Visual Updates

The cat is out for Android and looks better on my phone than the pictures shown! Nice touches…@slagle I beat you to it, put the coffee cup down and click save on update release. Wait you don’t drink coffee…

@johnconstantelo we can put the magnifying glass down, we can see the HEM numbers again!


Tablet support is on the roadmap but we can’t commit to a timeline. In the meantime, I’d recommend SmartTiles.


SHM “Everything OK” text is a little high.

Wow, lots of changes. The text is certainly back, but we still only get 1 line!

Looks like any DH using “\n” still broke…

Tagging @david.mccrindle

Checked and so far RM, while a little “different”, is still functional. :triumph:


I appreciate the undocumented changes to the activity feed, more information is always better when it comes to logs, but did you have to do a gray background with gray text?

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Do you have debug events turned on in the Support menu?

I do, but I never selected it…

I like having them, just wouldn’t mind a text color change :slight_smile:

edit: Once I turned that option off it hid all activities from the Activity Feed. Some people are saying that they are only getting new activities that happen while the log is open…

Yes, that was it. But why would this color be chosen without contrasting text for that function? I do find this feature useful.

You cannot ask for everything in one update. You need to leave something to do for later. Looks like they are working on LIFO bug fixes…so hopefully no new annoyances were introduced this time so they can get to old ones. I had to say it, was too funny …don’t shoot, @david.mccrindle


Well done!

@david.mccrindle can someone help Keen folks to be consistent with the new design colors? Everything is green, even the Hue bulbs, except the vents. And what does blue mean, anyway?

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I think it’s defined by the button color in the DTH… not sure though.

Yes, it is, I am using the stock handler. i used to have a custom one that I ‘colored’ to my liking. The stock one was written by Keen, I don’t know who maintains the code. The hue bulbs were blue before the update, so obviously they were trying to keep everything green…

This is awesome and looking forward to the updates!!!

@david.mccrindle, everything you described came true in the Android 2.1.2 release today - well done. Unfortunately, it also destroyed the dashboard for v1 hub users (blank, white screen or instant crash for everything but SHM). Is this the path forward, or can we expect to see this “fixed in next release”?

I have the same symptom. I just figured it is being deprecated since it never worked well after V2 was released.

I’ll put a “vote” for this. Any multiple attribute device should have its primary tile be choosable.


I’d love to get those greens all matchy @david.mccrindle :slight_smile:


As an extension of this, can there be an option to have a ‘main attribute’ show for the thing view but get an option for what to show when the item is featured on a room?

For example, I’ve created a D-Link camera DTH that has a switch as it’s main attribute. This switch controls the motion detection of the camera. When I select this camera as the ‘featured’ device in a room I’d like to be able to select the streaming video tile to be displayed instead of a large button for the motion detection…