Unreliable routines

I have been using SmartThings for a couple of years, integrated with my Arlo cameras, and up until a few months ago it was working fine. I am using app version 1.6.77-589 on two iPhones.

I have door sensors configured and alerts are working fine. I have an Arlo camera that should switch on via a routine I have created when both iPhones are away from the house, I have also programmed a push notification via Routines for when either phone leaves the ‘Home’ location. None of the routines are working unless I open the app, this usually forces it to execute. Over the weekend I uninstalled the app and deleted the routines as well as the phones (presence sensors) via the SmartThings portal on a PC and completely set it up again but it is still not working. Home location is configured correctly and the app settings on the phone are set to Location = Always.

I have tried everything but this still very unreliable, what else can I try?

What version of iOS?

Also, you are not alone. There are multiple threads from users reporting issues on iOS.

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iOS version 15.2.1

Hopefully enough to have them fix it :wink:

Not sure if updating to iOS 15.3 will resolve the issues but worth a try. I believe it is out of beta now and available to the public

Not showing in my Software Updates on my iPhone yet, will try when it’s available, thanks

It may not be out yet… possible I was confused withRelease Candidate so it should be out soon

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