ZebraBlinds.com gone poof?

According to this thread on the Hubitat community, the company zebrablinds.com seems to have shuttered. (No pun intended.)

This is horrible news - I loved these guys, and their stuff works fantastically with ST. @ZebraBlinds say it ain’t so?

Did their stock get picked up by someone else? Did the company get purchased? Or did they just file bankruptcy? The abruptness of their disappearance was shocking. I just ordered from them earlier this year, and had a lot of good convos with their support crew.

Does anyone have any more concrete info?

@ZebraBlinds hasn’t had any activity in this forum since late April, and their Facebook page still exists, but hasn’t had any activity since about the same time.

According to posters there, the company went bankrupt:

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Oh man. Thanks @JDRoberts - I didn’t realize they were circling the drain. That is such a sad thing - their products were top of the line, and their support staff was superb.

Thanks for finding the missing pieces for me.

Poops. :frowning_face:

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