Unreliable battery report

Just got a motion sensor stopped working all of a sudden. Thankfully the device heath warned me about it.
I see the battery still is 100% before the moment the device drop out, but I replaced it anyway, since it is in a quite busy zone I would expect battery to be dead very soon.

Turns out the problem is the battery.

If the battery percentage report cannot be reliable due to the small form factor can we have something like “last battery replacement 100 days ago”?

If you cannot report accurately on battery level you cannot interpret its results. In general, battery level reporting for Zwave is just not working. Been waiting for SmartThings to fix for years. I know they will get to it, sooner or later. Ecolink, Fibaro, Aeon Labs, Kwikset you name it… none report battery levels correctly.

I’ve got a multi sensor that malfunctioned and it’s battery dropped to 1% a couple days ago… It’s now reporting 44% lol