United security pressure mat

Nice. Can’t get any more simple than that.

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Sweet. Thanks for the info!

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My mat…

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Someone do a youtube video of the installation!!

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Sorry for the dumb question, but how do you add the icon?

First, you should be using the custom Device Handler found at post 22 in this thread

If you need help installing custom DH and SmartApps

Download my icon (or use one of your own) and transfer it to your photo library of your phone.

In the device handler on your SmartThings app, click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Then simply click on the “Set Device Image” link to browse for your icon.


Thanks! DTH and icon all set up and looking great. Thanks x2 for your time and effort!

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I’ve bought the mat, but before I buy the Ecolink door sensor, does anyone have experience using the Iris 3320-L Contact Sensor? I have a few available. I ask because they look impenetrable without breaking it.

You’ll need a contact with external connections. The Iris do not have them.


Just thought you all might be interested, I changed the code to flip the open/closed status of the sensor so that new closed is normal, unstepped-on state, and open is the stepped on state. (It also uses my modified icon, red feet when stepped on, white otherwise). I did this because most SmartApps out there considered ‘open’ to be the ‘bad’ state of a contact sensor (e.g. door open). It doesn’t effect how the sensor works or displays (all that was updated as well), but if you use smarttiles it highlights stepped on now instead of vice versa, and if you use any smartapps that only trigger things when contacts open, this work appropriately without any extra effort.


Thanks for improving upon my idea. This is what makes the ST community so great.


Just came across this project report over at instructables for a mattress pad based on the same concept:


Ahhhhhh, thanks

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Amazing find.
Any cheap alternative to the Ecolink DWZWAVE2-ECO? its $40+ in canada

I think the ecolink is typically the cheapest. The Aeotec Dry contact and the Fibaro both cost more.


how does everyone deal with the weather. Are these items weather proof?

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As far as pressure mats themselves go, it depends on brand and model, but definitely many are intended for outdoor use, including the United security one discussed in most of the projects in this thread. For example, the small mat is often sold for use as a “doorbell” for warehouses or RVs or even boats at a marina.

You run wires from the mat to whatever radio device you’re going to use. So it’s often very easy to put the radio device in a sheltered location or even indoors and just run wires to the mat.

If you going to put the radio device outdoors as well, then all of the usual caveats apply.

Have you tried connecting multiple mats to one sensor. I have a L shaped couch I want to do this with and was hoping to hook them up to the same sensor. Would make the automation easier too i would think.

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Interesting, i do not have multiple mats to test this on, does anyone have 2 mats and see if you can somewhat hook it up to 1 sensor?