Unifi & Smartthings?

(Ben Vincent) #1

Hi All,

I’m looking to integrate SmartThings with my Unifi setup. Specifically when I’m home I have SmartThings disable interior cameras. I’d like to shut off the POE to the camera so they turn off instead, so then they draw no power at all.



(Mark) #2

If your cameras are connected to a POE switch you could plug the switch into a smart plug. When you’re home, smart plug cuts the power to the switch, and turns it on when you leave.

If you mean dynamically disable/enable the POE on individual ports of a switch based on your presence, there might be a way to do that but that’d be trickier to accomplish.

(Ben Vincent) #3

Unfortunately the switch also powers my Wi-Fi so I can’t just down the entire thing. I’m hoping to dynamically disable\enable the POE port directly…

(Alex) #4

My entire network is Unifi based and I cannot think of a way for you to accomplish what you need. Maybe if you had a smartapp capable of logging into the switch via SSH and sending the appropriate commands… but that is likely too complicated to do for this.

Before I adopted Unifi, I was using this POE Injector, which has an ST DTH:


This would power your POE devices and allow you to turn them on/off remotely. A side benefit is that you can hook up backup batteries to it to power your cameras during power outages. I am not thrilled with the quality of the build but it did its job. Mine is now collecting dust… maybe I should list it on ebay.

(Ben Vincent) #5

My Unifi USG, Unifi switch and my Synology NAS are all running off a UPS, otherwise that would have been an interesting option.

I have linked my Alarm (HAI OmniPro) to SmartThings using a Raspberry PI. So I could build another proxy there to translate JSON into SSH, that might be the path I take, but given the complexity I’ll work on my other projects first :slight_smile: