Unexpected dimmer behavior

I’m not getting the behavior I would expect. If there is a way to do what I want I would appreciate it if someone would enlighten me.

I would like to set actions that would – automatically, at various times of day – change the dimmer level of all of the lights in my home. I do NOT want it to turn lights on or off, just set dimmer levels so that when lights are turned on they will be at that preset level.

For example up until 10am I would like to have any lights that I turn on be preset to 50%. From about 10am until 5pm, 100%, from 5pm until 8pm 50% and 30% after that.

When I set an action to just control dimmer level it only seems to work if I also turn the lights on or off.

Is this possible? If not, how do I request such a feature be added?


I have the exact same question, I know there isn’t a smartApp for this. My question being is presetting dimmer levels (without turning the dimmer on) supported in the dimmer hardware?
Specifically I’m using the Aeon micro dimmers.