Unable to update DTH

I am trying to change a GE Z-Wave Plus dimmer from this custom DTH to the Z-Wave Generic DTH. However, I am getting a 403/don’t have authorization to access this page when I try to. Any suggestions as to why I can no longer change the DTH?

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Use Incognito mode. It will work. Or clear your cache


Thank you! This was driving me nuts.

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As far as I am aware, we have been unable to reproduce the 403 error internally.

What steps are taken when it occurs (if you know)?

Every person that this has happened to has been told to open up an incognito browser and this has worked for all them and they don’t receive the error.

It appears that there is something stuck in cache in the normal browser and that something has changed creating this issue for some people. I haven’t had it happen to me yet, but it has been reported out here in the community at least 20 different times.

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This is helpful, thank you!!!

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I don’t recall having a WebCore dashboard open at the time. If this does happen in the future, I’ll check to see if I do. (I hope the issue is resolved before then, however!)

Thanks to all.

Thanks a bunch, Robin!

I can reproduce with the webCoRE dashboard up. No 403 error when the tab is closed.


I’ve shared your video and took some screenshots and videos of my own.

I also notice that I can reproduce it when editing a location as well.


wth. me too…

It seems this was never resolved?

If anyone arrives here looking for a workaround, I was able to solve my Access Denied issues on regular browser by following these steps: Access denied - don't have authorization to edit devices

Same here. As soon as I logged out of webCoRE, I could work in IDE again.

This is still happening as of April 2020, global pandemic time. Worked after clearing cache. Didnt need incognito.