Unable to set Innr Smart Bulb Colour E27 lower than 2700k

I recently purchased a Innr Smart Bulb Colour E27 and connected it to my SmartThings hub, everything works fine except that I cannot lower the temperature lower than 2700k. The product description states that it supports between 1800k and 6500k.

I’ve checked the device via “My Devices” and it is using the ZigBee RGBW Bulb device handler.
Can anyone help?

Just dropping a comment to track this - LIFX dusk/dawn bulbs are the same. Their low point is a glorious 1500k, but ST won’t let me go lower than 2200k.

I created a custom device handler and can lower the bulb to 1800k but only via the web UI and not the Android app.

Same for me with Globe bulbs. The lowest I can do in SmartThings is 2200K for a bulb than can go as low as 2000K. And, is it really 2200K, because when I set it to 2200K in SmartThings and I go to the bulb in the Globe app, it’s set to 2660K, not even 2200K.

Interesting… just realized my Sengled BR30s can go to 2000 in their specs, but also have a SmartThings limit of 2700.

It looks like the current ZigBee RGBW Bulb device handler supports 1800 to 6500k and it’s a limitation/bug in the Android app.

Is there a way I can set my bulbs to 1800k using the app?

yes, for zigbee bulbs. Copy the standard DTH below, create your own custom one in the Groovy IDE, and add the VID metadata to your device’s fingerprint with the appropriate range. Then change the Type for your device to the custom one. You can see some of them already have this done in the default DTH.

@dckirker @tpmanley looks like some more device-specific VID metadata is needed in the above DTH


By doing this, will the device still run local? For some reason, I was thinking this changes it to cloud.

it would indeed change to the cloud.

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@Automated_House I did that but now I cannot set the bulb past 1800k and if I use 1800k in a scene it turns the bulb off

which VID did you use? "generic-rgbw-color-bulb-1800K-6500K"?

I used ZigBee RGBW Bulb as a template and added vid: "generic-rgbw-color-bulb-1800K-6500K" to the end of line, e.g.

// Innr
fingerprint profileId: "0104", inClusters: "0000, 0004, 0003, 0005, 0006, 0008, 0300, 1000", outClusters: "0019", manufacturer: "innr", model: "RB 285 C", deviceJoinName: "Innr Smart Bulb Color", vid: "generic-rgbw-color-bulb-1800K-6500K"

I published it and used the new handler for my living room lamp device.

Interesting. Maybe also add mnmn:"SmartThings"?

Same issue, when I open the Android app the slider is maximum cool white but says 4000k, I cannot slide it but only move it to it’s minimum, that tried to set it to 0k, then the slider moves back to maximum cool white but now says 1802k

not sure what to tell you. one of the ST staff like @dckirker will have to chime in.

@Automated_House Thank you for your help
I really hope I can get this fixed.

@vassie, I see the issue with the fingerprint for the “RB 285 C” not specifying the UI Metadata for 1800-6500 and I can get that fixed. However I’m not seeing the issue with the color temperature control that you’re experiencing. For me the range shows 1800 at the minimum and 6500 at the maximum like I’d expect. If removing/rejoining the device doesn’t fix it I suggest you contact support to report the issue if you haven’t already done so.

Hey @tpmanley thanks for the reply, I’ve removed and readded the device but using the Android app I can only adjust the temperature from 2700k to 6500k.
How do I raise a support ticket?

Where I see the same thing with my Sengled BR30s that have an actual 2000K minimum, is this a limitation in the Android app?