TRÅDFRI 980l white spectrum - unable to set 2200k via ST?

Hi, I’m new here, so please bear with me. I tried searching but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I just bought a ST Hub V3 along with a couple of Ikea 980l white spectrum bulbs to test out. Thing is the ST app only lets me set the white spectrum between 2703K and 4000K… these bulbs should go down to 2200K for a nice warm glow. I paired directly to the ST Hub without an Ikea gateway. Simply selected Bulbs > Ikea from the ST apps to pair them. Is it not possible to get the full range without the Ikea gateway? If that’s the case I may return the bulbs to Ikea and find another bulb to buy. I’m in the UK but I imagine that shouldn’t matter as aside from physical connector, the bulbs should be the same hardware/firmware wise.

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You will need a custom dth.
See this thread for details

We are working on changes that will let you access the full color temperature range of each device but I can’t say when that will be rolled out so for now the custom DTH route is the best option if you don’t want to wait.


Thanks both. I’ve decided to return the Ikea bulbs and try something from another brand.

Edit… Well I got an Innr 285C today, same bottom limit of 2703K (it should be 1800K). I had to set the type to ZigBee RGBW Bulb in order to get the bulb to show in the app, it was detected as a ‘thing’. I’m not sure how to setup a custom DTH or what I would need to change in it if I copied and modified the exisiting ZigBee RGBW Bulb DTH. I’ll have to do more digging around when I have time or I guess I’ll wait for new firmware to come along for the HUB.

any update on timelines? thanks!

@diodorus the 980lm should have a range of 2200 to 4000 in the new SmartThings app. If there are any bulbs that don’t have the correct range in the new app with our provided DTHs please let me know.

@tpmanley is that only for the new app? I’m on the classic one… Thanks

@diodorus yes it’s the new app only. The old app uses a different mechanism for handling the color temperature range that is not as flexible as the new app.

@tpmanley OK I just tried the new app (i didn’t realize I could use both!) but I still get 2700k minimum.

I am using the “ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb”, is the the one to use?

(The bulb says 950lm on its side rather than 980lm, if that matters…)

I have the IKEA Trådfri 1000lm white spectrum bulb, and in the new app it wont go below 2703K, and it shows up to 5000K even though it doesnt support it.

I have a couple of Osram smart+ GU10 RGWB that goes down to 1900k. But the up only support 2700k.
Possible to update the k range?

New app and old app showing a minimum of 2700k on these still

Picked up a few Ikea bulbs, both of the White Spectrum lights (E14 and E27) come through as ‘Generic Colour Temperature Light’ with latest firmware on them updated via the Ikea hub too, still no luck.

New to this so need to get to grips with this custom handler, but the new app doesn’t seem to like what I’ve tried so far with the handler above.

@stephendy There are fingerprints going to production next Tuesday for the following Ikea devices:

  • TRADFRI bulb E27 WS clear 806lm
  • TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 1000lm
  • TRADFRI bulb E14 WS opal 600lm
  • TRADFRI bulb E26 WS opal 1000lm

Once those changes go to production, any of those devices that are newly joined will have the correct color temperature range in the new app. If those devices are already joined they will unfortunately need to be removed and rejoined in order to get the correct color temperature range. In the Classic app they will still use the default range of 2700-6500. I posted a few more details on this other thread IKEA Trådfri.


As you might know,

E26 or E27 is the name of the socket size.
E26 is 26mm, usually used in US market
E27 is 27mm, usually used in European market

If there’s E27 bulb in IKEA, there is high probility that there is E26 version : same product with just 1mm difference in socket size.

So I think it would be better adding E26 and E27 together.

This is the link of E26 version of “TRADFRI bulb E27 WS clear 806lm”
I dont have this bulb, but its fingerprint might have “TRADFRI bulb E26 WS clear 806lm” string with all other same with E27 version.

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@iquix that’s a good point. I put up a PR with a few additional fingerprints.

Not sure if this is a dead thread… I’m checking out the smart things app and a search brought me here.

My bulbs are Globe Electric 2000k-5000k and I can’t get them to set near the 2000k.

I did see the post about a custom bulb? I’ll have to go back and read, but that’s why I’m here :slight_smile: