Unable to link phone to soundbar by Wifi

I have a q90r soundbar but unable to link phone to it by Wifi using smarthing app.
Goes as far as 39% and then stops with a error message, which says to reboot bar and check connections.
I have tried to connect with 2 phones.
I have a basic modem and I am on fibre
Appreciate any help

Thanks Dennis


I have the same identical problem with the q90r soundbar.

I tried with 2 phones S8 & S9 and i get the same error.

Did you solve the connection issue? Im having the same issue.

LOL , new sound bar

Yup! Any solutions?

Same here, Q86R, though. Stops at 39%.

Same problem with my Q86R. Have anyone got a fix for this?

Same problema with my Q90R. Stops at 39% and show the code error: 11-001


Any can help me?

Same problem, Q90R, stop at 39% with 11-001 error code. Any solution?

Same issue here.

Same probleme for me with iphone max 14.2. Stop a 37% and error 11-001
Please a solution !!

I have struggled with the same issue as you mention above with a Samsung soundbar HW-Q70R. I have tried everything such as unplug the soundbar from the socket, reset the soundbar, I made a hotspot via mobile phone, nevertheless all the time I was not able to connect the soundbar to wifi. I used my Samsung Galaxy S9 and Ipad 8th generation. I am using WIFI mesh from TP-LINK. Today, I finally connected my soundbar to my WIFI network. I used our old iPhone SE and the connection was successful via 20 seconds. Frankly speaking, I think that the problem was with my new devices, for a successful connection you have to use your old devices which mainly using wifi 2,4 GHz. I hope that will help you.