Unable To Install Custom SmartApps

Since the newest update I have no longer been able to install my own SmartApp. When I go to the install a new instance of my own app (one that creates child apps) it keeps bringing me to the same page, i.e. I tap on “myApp” -> loading circle -> nothing happens and I’m back at the same page with “myApp”, unable to select a child instance. Anyone else having this problem?

Perhaps with Samsung Connect Home release they’ve come to conclusion that no one needs custom smart apps anymore. :wink:

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In the parent app it has singleInstance: true

Hi Guys,

I’m having the same issue.

I guess something is not behaving as expected in the ST platform.

I have this simple code and it’s not working at all.
When I click to load the first page for the child app on this case thirdpage I have the spinning icon in the screen and nothing happen.

    name: "Test Pages",
    namespace: "Victor",
    author: "Victor",
    description: "Test Pages and Child App.",
    category: "My Apps",
    singleInstance: false,
    iconUrl: "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dcoffing/SmartThingsPublic/master/smartapps/dcoffing/3-speed-ceiling-fan-thermostat.src/3scft125x125.png", 
    iconX2Url: "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dcoffing/SmartThingsPublic/master/smartapps/dcoffing/3-speed-ceiling-fan-thermostat.src/3scft250x250.png",
    iconX3Url: "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dcoffing/SmartThingsPublic/master/smartapps/dcoffing/3-speed-ceiling-fan-thermostat.src/3scft250x250.png",

preferences {
	page(name: "firstpage")
	page(name: "secondpage")
	page(name: "thirdpage")

def firstpage() {
    if (parent) {
    } else {

def secondpage() {
	dynamicPage(name: "secondpage", title: "", nextPage: "", install: false, uninstall: true) {
      section("Create a new fan automation. 4") {
            app(name: "childApps", appName: appName(), namespace: "Victor", title: "New ChildApp", multiple: true)

def thirdpage() {
	dynamicPage(name: "thirdpage", title: "Select a Device", nextPage: "", install: true, uninstall: true) {
        section("Name1") {
        	label(title: "Assign a name", required: false)
        section("Select the device..."){
			input "device", "capability.switchLevel", multiple:false, title: "Test Title", required: true

private def appName() { return "${parent ? "Test Pages Parent" : "Test Pages"}" }

If I just remove this peace of code from thirdpage code page it works:

        section("Select the device..."){
			input "device", "capability.switchLevel", multiple:false, title: "Test Title", required: true

I really believe something is happening.
There is nothing fancy on this peace of code just is just a regular input.

Does anybody knows why is it happening?

Really appreciate any help.