Cannot load any 3rd party SmartApps in S.T. app

I am using the new V3 hub (FW 000.030.00005) and new S.T. app (V1.7.47-22).

My SmartApps are showing as installed in the IDE with OAuth enabled for all.

They all show up in my SmartApps on the app.

All good so far, right… Or so I thought!

Then when I try and go to actually install/load any of them I get the same error message.

I am very new to S.T. and quite a noob with anything like this but would anyone know what maybe causing this error?

It seems it happens on all of the’My SmartApps’ regardless of which one I try.

This problem is driving me nuts as I have been wrestling with it for days now. Any help would be well appreciated.


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