Unable to delete night location mode

I deleted the night location mode from web interface.

However from the ios app, it is still visible under location settings. I restarted the hub and the app. No change. Waited a day. No change.

How do i get right of the night location mode in the app?

First question - why do you want to remove the Night Mode? (just curious)

The IDE web interface will be going away soon so the ability to create/remove Modes will disappear. Unless that feature gets added elsewhere such as the app, my.smartthings or CLI. Currently, you can only edit Mode Names in the app… you can’t add/remove. Now sure about what you can or can not do in CLI so hopefully others can respond if possible there.

You can, indeed, add modes through the CLI or through @taustin ‘s web interface, API+.

See the following thread:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers


I just removed it because i wasnt going to use it. And in the future i thought i could add as many as i want.

Now that i removed it and it is not reflected in the app, can i assume that the this functionality in web app is already disconnected from the device?

Will there be just 3 location modes and that’s it?

We can just rename them but we can not add home,away, vacation, morning etc?

You can add them through the new interface, which is accessed either with a program that runs on your computer, the CLI (command level interface). Or, if you would rather just use a webpage, you can use the API + project I mentioned from a community member.

It’s certainly not as convenient as the IDE was, but the functionality is still there.

I imagine there’s a limit on the total number of modes you can have, but I don’t know what it is. :thinking:

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The SmartThings API can manage Location Modes but it is not documented in the API reference. Similarly the functionality is in the Core SDK which powers the CLI but hasn’t been exposed as CLI commands.

I don’t know if there is any significance to this, or to the limited functionality provided in the client apps.

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@orangebucket is correct. I just finished up a set of tasks for tasker to.

  • Get Current location Mode
  • Get All Locations Modes / IDs
  • Create Location Mode
  • Rename Location Mode
  • Delete Location Mode

They are available here. SmartThings Rest API using Tasker