Unable to change e-mail address

I was just informed by support that once you change your e-mail address, they don’t have the option to change it back. In this day, emails are important and it is disappointing that this tech company won’t make the change.

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Support can’t change it back for you? Or is there a prohibition on using a previously used email?

Correct, they say they can’t change it back.

Ouch! :scream:

Had same problem over a year ago. Don’t expect solution soon.

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Just had SmartThings support change my email address and it was relatively fast and problem free.

So I guess this thread says they can change it, but you can’t go back t the old one(?). Just out of curiosity I’m wondering could you change it again to another address, or are you limited to your one change.

As a comment, changing email addresses is a “PITA”! I think a lot of people/apps, including me, use email address for userid and that doesn’t help…

BTW, had to change/reinstall Echo/Alexa skill.

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I can’t resist a little “promo-bombing” here:

  • ActionTiles links to your Location ID, rather than email, so that ensures your ActionTiles connection to SmartThings won’t be broken by a SmartThings login email change. Ironically, of course, folks change Location IDs more often than we expected … a lot of broken/replacement/upgraded hubs or messed up Locations or whatnot.
  • ActionTiles uses email addresses for login IDs to our app; but we have a “Change Email Address” function built right into the App. :wink:

I believe my problem fits in here. My brother just got a hub recently and when setting up his account, he accidentally had a typo in the associated email address. now he’s essentially blocked out of his account. he can’t get it to change or request a change to the email because the email associated with the account doesn’t exist. apparently customer support has been useless so far. anyone have some helpful steps to get his correct email address tied to his account so he can actually use the hub. right now it’s a paper weight. really bad first experience and I want to show him how the community here helps each other out.
any help would be appreciated

Not denying what your brother is experiencing, but I find this difficult to accept.

This shouldn’t be a complex problem for Support to comprehend.

In the worst case, send them a photograph of the bottom of the Hub, ensuring that the serial numbers are legible (and even the receipt), and they should be able to disassociate it from the current Account and issue a new Welcome Code so it can be used with a brand new Account (email address).

sorry if that sounded harsh to customer support, I just meant that he had reached out to them a few times and hadn’t gotten answers or was given answers that sent him through loops. that was via phone and i told him the community posts are really better/faster in my experience. but long story short, he was able to make his hub work now. I believe the issue was that support kept telling him to log in and change the email but he can’t log in because he couldn’t access the confirmation email at the nonexistent email address. But either way, he told me he got it working now and seems to be good now. I told him next step is setting up core to really get things going. :slight_smile:
thanks for the quick reply, it proves my point that this community is quick, helpful, and efficient! He’s working on setting up his own account to be able to post etc.
Thanks again!

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