Samsung will not let you change your email address if you lost access to your email account

This is total bullshit. When you change email address on your Samsung account, it sends a email to your old email address and you have to provide the code in that email to confirm the change.
No work around, like second authorization device, code set to Samsung device you have access to (like smarthub or turning light on in a specific order).

Have you tried contacting Samsung support to check if they can process it on their end?

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Of coarse, YES.

Is there a way to change accounts on the hub? without doing a full reset?

to my knowledge: you can only change the email address for your account at or through Support but I imagine they will prompt you to reset.

totally frustrating. that is their solution to do full reset!
I have to factor authentication set up and web site will not give you a choice of ether email or two factor authorization device.

send a authorization code to one of my Samsung devices, TV’s, Family hub, or perhaps prompt me to turn off a switch a few time to prove physical access to devices…