Ultrasync to SmartThings to IFTTT

Hello, I own a interlogix Ultrasync alarm system that has Z-wave connectivity, so I bought a SmartThings hub in order to comunícate with it. The idea is to have the smartthings hub comunícate to IFTTT in case of an intrusion so that I can receive a phone call immediately on my cell. I’m aware that Ultrasync app can send notifications but unfortunately notifications are not persistent enough for me to warranty I’ll hear them.

Is there a way for SmartThing hub to “see” an intrusion on Ultrasync as a trigger?


You can configure your ultrasync to send you a sms when there is an alarm. Then you can put a big horn as sounder of this sms.
In setting,
Reporting and notification,
I used the second channel and name it sms
In destination i put my phone number to send it a email
Here i have a bell cellphone so its like : xxxxxxxxxx@txt.bell.ca
After you can select a event list to received the event you want.
When i have an alarm, the app notify and i receive a sms that make the nuclear alarm!!

Hello, I actually managed to configure a Zwave switch on both Smartthings and Ultrasync, when the alarm triggers Ultrasync automatically turns the switch on Smartthings defects the the on switch and IFTTT calls my device on a list of other devices via Woopla.

Thanks for the advice anyway.


Acortinac, how are you liking the Ultrasync system? Also does it interface well with SmartThings hub? I am building a new home and am trying to pick things that will go well together. I would like to use SmartThings for most things and my IT guy really likes Ultrasync (interlogix) so I am trying to figure out if they play nice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Matthew.

I managed to link the Ultrasync main board with the Smarthings Hub, the main idea was to get smarthings to comunícate with IFTTT and get the Woopla service to dial several phone numbers in case of intrusion. It is working great.

The trick was to tell Ultrasync to trigger (turn on) a Xwave outlet when the alarm triggers, Smartthings detects the outlet turned on and sends the instruction to IFTTT to tell woopla to call the phone numbers.

The advantage is the call takes just a few seconds (2 or 3).

I have not tried any other automations but I don’t see why turning lights or closing doors wouldn’t work.

an important thing is that you can’t control a ultrasync vía Smartthings, you have to use the Ultrasync app.

Hope this helps

Alejandro Cortina

If you want to set up you Ultrasync as a secondary controller, here are the steps.

  1. Download the CLASSIC SmartThings App and open
  2. Open your Ultrasync App
  3. Go back to the SmartThings Classic app and add a new thing.
  4. Switch over to your Ultrasync App and go to ZWave Add/Remove and click “Include”
  5. Go back to the SmartThings app and it should now find the ZWave Controller.
  6. Complete the setup steps in the ST app
  7. Return to the Ultrasync app and you should now see “Central Controller” in your device list with a bunch of generic devices.

When Ultrasync pulls it in, it will not have the custom descriptors from ST. Instead it will say something like “Light Dimmer Switch” or “On/Off Switch”

Joined this forum to learn more about Ultrasync.
Unfortunately Interlogix the company who makes it has no intention to sell this product. They won’t help you out with trouble shooting.
I moved to a house that has ultrasync.
I tried to set up the Ultrasync+ app in phone and is giving me

this error. Requested feature is not subscribed.
I want to integrate it to SmartThings but making the app work is the first step.
Any help is appreciated.

Sorry to jump into old thread. I am setting home automation using ZeroWire (Well I bought just panel and trying achieve DIY home automation). I can access my zerowire panel locally but when I tried to access via UltraSync+ app I am getting an error message “Requested feature is not subscribed”. Can someone share some ideas to overcome this please.

Thanks !