Ultimate Z Project Thread (uzi)


Hi everyone!

I’m in the process of designing a security system for a client and my hopes were to utilize this thread to document the entire process from start to finish. See below for the gear list.

Starting Gear
NOTE: Roughly $600 for the initial components below
(1) ‘SmartThings Smart Home Security Kit’. This kit included:
(1) ‘SmartThings Hub’
(1) ‘SmartSense Motion Sensor’
(1) ‘SmartSense Moisture Sensor’
(1) ‘SmartPower Outlet’
(1) ‘SmartSense Presence Sensor’
(3) 'SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor
(1) 5 Pack ‘SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor’

As I feel this was a great start to the list of items to build this system the only pieces I left out were the cameras. This was because after all of the research I’ve done I can’t seem to figure out which models would be best to suit the needs for this system. This is where I need your help!

Camera Requirements
NOTE: All cameras must work with SmartThings Hub
-(2) HD PTZ[Pan Tilt Zoom] Night Vision Wireless Outdoor Camera
—(This will monitor the driveway as well as the outside garage area from the second level of the home)
—(A model that can send notifications to the hub would be a plus as well as making sure those specific notifications can trigger actions per configured events)
(1) HD PTZ Night Vision Wireless Outdoor Camera
—(This model would need to be a bit smaller and as hidden as possible. The idea would be it would monitor the front door from the first floor of the house. It has to be small/hidden because the house isn’t trying to look like a security fortress)
(1) HD Fixed Wide Angle Night Vision Wireless Indoor Camera
—(The idea of this model is to monitor the basement area entry points)
NOTE: Recording on this system would be nice but at this time it’s not necessary. It’s more for monitoring and event triggering based off notifications

Thank you in advance for your participation in this thread. I’m excited to keep everyone up to date while I work through this project. I’m hoping to be at the client site in the next few days and I’ll let you all know how I make out.




Just want to make sure you’re aware that SmartThings only works when both power and Internet are working.


Hi JD! - Great point about the internet & power requirements. This was something discussed during some of the beginning phases and we have a few ideas on what we’d be doing for failover when the time comes. It was decided that it would be a bridge we’d cross as we get deeper into the project. If you’d like to be involved in helping to come up with a solution down the road I’d be more than glad to get you onboard.



Everyone has a personal sense of what gives them peace of mind.

You might find this thread interesting:

(Jody) #5

No official support for cameras at this point, but I have been really happy with my foscam cameras. I also use a piece of software called sighthound that integrates with ST via IFTTT.


@jody.albritton - Thanks for the suggestion Jody! I’ve been looking at a few of their models and they look great. I’d love to test a few out. I’m only familiar with IP cameras such as AXIS which come at a high quality with a matching cost. If I had more time I’d love to get a system for those configured into ST. Do you have any recommendations on how to set the Foscams up to integrate with ST? I’d also be interested to see how an external mic would integrate with one of their indoor PTZ IR models. Do you have any contacts that you’d recommend for a purchasing option and more of a technical discussion?

@JDRoberts - The thread you linked had some great info. Thank you. As I read through more of the ST threads this week I noticed your name quite a bit. I’m excited to see what kind of projects I’ll be getting into this year and looking forward to bouncing ideas off you.



(Jody) #7

I was able to use IFTTT to use the cameras as a motion detector. You can also arm the camera recording via IFTTT. No real direct ST integration at this point. I bought mine direct from amazon. As far as a technical contact, I would call the number on the foscam.us website. They are popular so there is wide support for them across android and IOS. I have a client that uses them in a retail store. There will probably be much better integration once ST rolls out video support later this year.