Zmodo Outdoor Wireless IP camera system

Anyone played with these and smart things? They are super cheap, 4 cameras for 100$. Also, do these cameras allow to set up your own FTP server or do you have to pay for some cloud service they offer?

The Amazon Q&A seems to pretty consistently indicate that the Cameras are only accessible via the provided App, and that the App has very limited recording capabilities (5 snapshots upon motion detection, perhaps more after a delay, and no additional cloud services yet).

While these might do a good job for some folks, I’m presuming this is a case of “you get what you pay for”, and I would not recommend them unless you just want to play around and be prepared to return them.

Appreciate that! I was hoping that someone had got it and it had other configs not available on the amazon site :frowning:

I know this is an older posting. I just bought the SmartThings hub and joined the community. I have used the 8 camera system (4 outdoors and 4 indoors) with a 1TB hub of Zmodo and it works pretty well. Yes, if there is motion detected the motion clips you can review may be short, but the hub can store about 3 weeks of video for the 8 cameras and you can go back in history and view any point in that timeline. You can also replace the drive with a larger drive to store more data. It indicates the times on the timeline where it detected motion. For the price I think it is heck of a deal. You don’t have to get cloud services if you don’t want to. I don’t have that and it works well for me.

However, it looks like there may not be any integration of the system with SmartThings. Maybe I am wrong.