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I currently have an ADT security system in my home & getting tried of paying $600+ a year for them to watch it.
Being brand new to Smartthings (3 weeks) I am thinking of dumping ADT & using this years $600 to build my own system. I have been looking at Open/Close sensors And see a number of different ones.
Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor
Ecolink Door/Window Sensor (DWZWAVE2-ECO)
Everspring Door/Window Sensor
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor
NYCE Door/Window Sensor (NCZ-3011)
Schlage Door/Window Sensor (RS100HC)
SmartThings SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor
Tyco Door/Window Sensor (MCT-340)
All prices are similar so is one better then the other?
I will need to add 17 sensors to my Smartthings Ver 2 hub. I would also like to add a few sirens & maybe strobes if any of the sensors are activated.
Currently have a 8 Ch. security camera system outside of Smartthings but have a few places that I would like to add some cameras. I have looked & read & looks like for what I need it will be either Blink or Foscam C1. Do not need 27/7 stream just motion activated video clip.
Also adding 3 presence tags with this setup.
Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
PS. I will post a topic later asking for setup help in Routines & how to arm & disarm when away & home.

You might want to consider these for your doors. Lowes sells them as well. They are sleek looking as in “completely invisible” to the naked eye and have worked well for me this past 2 months since I’ve installed them. Just keep in mind, they only come in Bronze and Satin Nickel and both in 3.5 and 4" hinge sizes. Also, make sure you have a strong zigbee network as one of my doors wasn’t reporting right and I had to purchase a zigbee outlet to act as a repeater.

I currently pay $300 a year for SimpliSafe and every time I consider dumping them and using ST as my security platform, they have a meltdown. I mostly want to do it to get rid of the double sensors on my doors :wink:

I can vouch for the Foscam C1 camera’s. The ppicture quality is absolutely stunning, better than most 1080p cameras, including the C2.

For motion sensors I vote for the Lowes Iris ones. FAST FAST FAST. And small + light on batteries.

Door sensors, although I haven’t tried them yet, I would recommend the NEW Monoprice IN-DOOR (like in tube) ones. Admittedly haven’t tried them, but the price is right & my other Monoprice stuff just works.

For mixed sensors (motion/temp/humidity/light) I do like the Zooz model. Faster than most (IMO), OK on batteries and price cannot be beaten when compared to others.

Just an observation, but if you plan to use Smartthings as an alarm system, you will be sorely disappointing. Quite frankly, it is an expensive toy with childish tantrums all the time. It is NOT a case of IF, but WHEN, and for how long it’ll be broken. Having said this, I like to tinker, like most that uses ST, but reliable, in the long term, it is not. Now I know I will get many detractors, but in automation things need to work, and ANYTHING, ABSOLUTELY anything that relies on the web is asking for trouble.

My 2c worth

I’m going to assume you’ve already read the various other threads discussing whether SmartThings is viable/reliable for security, so I’ll skip that discussion. My setup is:

  • Doors/windows: all Iris v2 door/window sensors. Great bang for the buck (especially if you can find them marked down) since they are medium sized and include temperature.

  • Motion: I currently use Go-Control motion sensors since I already have them, but I would go with the Iris v2 motion sensor since the response time is much faster. Great feedback for these around here.

  • Cameras: A mixture of Foscams (including the C1) all managed by Blue Iris. I use SmartThings to arm/disarm/change the Blue Iris profiles and also use the cameras as motion sensors via Blue Iris. I’ve been very very happy with the bang for the buck with this setup.

I have not seen this ! thank you. How do they pair up with the ST HUB ? Device Handler (assume using open/ close) Attribute etc.etc. I have been waiting for sensitive strips to get to the US market for something more invisible to the naked eye. Last communication I had with them they are awaiting FCC approval … I’m turning blue in the meantime.

Thanks for the info on Iris but I do not want the monthly cloud charge

no no, not the system itself, just the devices. The Iris v2 devices connect perfectly well to the SmartTHings hub.

sorry misunderstood

Just looked at Lowes how can you tell if sensors are V2

Purple boxes instead of clear plastic clamshell, the specifications will say ZHA 1.2 ( The zigbee home automation profile, which is what smartthings uses). Not just zigbee.

This one:

And this one:

Check the user guide for the compatibility specifications, like in the lower right on this page.

Agreed. You can probably replicate most (all?) of the functions in your ADT system with SmartThings, even the monitoring, and it would be cheaper. But you get what you pay for. On the other hand, I’m not sure if ADT is worth 600 bucks a year.

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