UK smart lock for main door to change location modes using edge?

With the ever challenging quest to run everything local on my ST hub. I’ve done away with home monitor and I’m just going to now use location modes as these run local.

My main question here is regarding door locks. I see a lot of yale products are Smartthings ‘certified’ when looking under devices and locks.

Having never used a smart lock, is it possible to use this to change location modes as easy as setting up a routine when I enter my passcode to get into my home? This would enable me to not have to use my phones presence, hence making it local? Do these locks now use edge?

Thanks in advance for any insight into these.

The are a number of Yale locks listed in the Zwave and Zigbee Edge driver fingerprints but would need to know the model number(s) to verify if yours is supported.

Until the demise of the Groovy SmartApps this week, there were 3rd party apps that allowed you to have custom actions per user code for locking/unlocking doors where you could set different location modes for different lock codes. Now, you can only detect that the lock has been locked or unlocked. That can work fine if it’s just you and/or family members, but not so good if you want to have different things happen when say, a housekeeper, unlocks the door. Until some 3rd parties (or ST) provides an enhanced lock manager, it will be difficult to manage multiple modes without presence (like neither me nor my spouse are home so if the door is unlocked I don’t want to go to “Home” mode but rather “Housekeeper/Other” mode).

It appears that SharpTools can do automations based on different lock codes but 1) it’s cloud based and 2) at first glance it appears you need their premium service to use it.

That’s the state of the state at the moment.


Thanks for the insight mate.
I haven’t yet bought any locks yet as I’d only invest in one if :
A. I can use a keypad to change modes from away to home

B. Have this local.

C. Not a deal buster but fingerprint entry would be sweet too.

Can anyone confirm whether this can be done with the Yale locks.
If I were to unlock my door with the correct keypad code, could I change location mode from away to home?

Without knowing your exact model can’t confirm for sure. That being said, Yale locks are included in the stock Edge driver. You can create routines that change location mode based on the lock state. What can’t be done in the ST app at the moment is create custom actions per user lock code. That supposedly can be done in Sharptools.

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I haven’t purchased one yet mate. I’d only purchase one if compatible with my needs so not overly fussed on any particular brand etc.

Yeah my main feature I’d like is to be able to change location modes when unlocking the door. I would imagine this works by inputting your correct code first?
Sorry I’ve never used any of these before so any help would be appreciate.

Yes, the door won’t unlock without the correct code. What you can’t do natively in the app is something like set mode to Home if code 1 is entered but set mode to Housekeeper if code 2 is entered.

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Ah I see thanks.
Is there only a certain particular Yale lock that can do this? I see there are a few out there so would be nice to narrow it down to the only ones that work within the ST ecosystem

Thank you.

Check here for the models supported in the stock drivers.



Thank you for this.
After watching some online videos of The Yale locks, the keypad one won’t work with my door, that only leave the L2 conexus lock but don’t like the idea of having to either use my phone, a tag or credit card. Keypads for me would be the best option.

Actually, the best option would be fingerprint but really can’t see anything in the UK. Would love a door lock with fingerprint option. :frowning:

Yes, totally possible, but presently with Sharptools routines. I am using routine to carry out actions based on passcode (lock code) entered and that includes changing the mode too.
By the way lock should have the capability too. I am using Schlage Connect 469 which is zwave lock. And while shopping zwave devices, ensure that you are buying device compatible with your region’s compatible frequency.

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Smart Locks are my next ‘project’. I looked at Yale and decided they were not fit for purpose. I am looking at Ultion Nuki, which has an optional keypad, however I’m hoping they will support Matter before I buy one. I sent them a message to ask if they will support matter.

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Thanks. I’m really interested in trying to find a fingerprint door lock but hard to find in the UK and one that fits for home insurance

I actually just stumbled upon this one half an hour ago. I need to check my door and make sure they are for purpose. I’d get a lock smith in to do it as well because I wouldn’t know where to start and would prefer it done properly.

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Do you know if this is the same product?

It is not. Ultion Nuki is the UK version using a far more superior cylinder lock. This smartthings community driver might work with the ultion nuki, I’m not sure.

I posted asking the OP if his driver works with Ultion Nuki.

Interesting, thanks.
I see there’s a new 2.0 keypad out as well with fingerprint though not sure if this works with the UK specific Nuki smart lock. Would be ideal as well.

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Have you checked out the switchbot lock? Looks interesting.

If you have a door which it fits then it seems a good option.