UK Smart Doorbell (DIY)

In the UK, the options for a smart doorbell are pretty limited. We have a couple of bulky ones or ones that come with a camera.
Full credit for this really comes from, however I managed to get this working with my doorbell and in theory, it should work with any wireless doorbell.

I bought a Byron doorbell from B&Q a few months back, and recently stumbled across this post on how to make it from scratch. Rather than buy a new doorbell, I tried to make it work with my own.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert at this, so if you know better than me and see i’ve done some extremely wrong that could cause problems, please shout up! I don’t want this to explode!

I bought some NPN transistors (BC184) and some 1/2W 0.5W Carbon Film Resistors. As per the post on smartukhome, I then wired it up as per their diagram:

The difference here is that rather than wiring the 10k resistor to the LED, I wired this to the cable that goes to the speaker as current is sent along it when the bell is activated.

I then used the Smart Door Bell app found here:

And assigned to the the Fibaro door sensor. After testing, I get a push notification saying someone is at the door:


If anyone happens to know if its possible to buy a Z-Wave on/off chip that takes a Live and Neutral wire then let me know as i’d prefer to use something a bit more streamlined than this!

What i’d like to do next is to build up my SmartApp to take a snapshot from my Nest cam when the doorbell is pushed

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looks good, did you hook the neg of the door bell battery up to the neg on the fibaro sensor? i cant see why they did that. anyone know why? i am going to attempt this soon.

Yep I did that. To be honest, I’m not sure why it needs it either, but it doesn’t work without it