UK MR16 SmartThings Compatible?

does anyone know of an MR16 bulb that is compatible with SmartThings here in the UK?

Personally not encountered any zwave or zigbee mr16 bulbs anywhere, never mind in the UK. Think they may struggle with that form factor.

i suppose that saves me a small fortune as i have around 30 in my flat and adapters won’t fit.
leaves me a bit limited to what i can do with SmartThings though.

I moved in with mr16 everywhere. I just cut the transformers out and put gu10 sockets in instead.
Your other alternative is to replace the switches with zwave ones.

roughly how much were the replacement transformers?

i’m hoping to investigate the switch option shortly. i prefer the option of controlling individual bulbs but i still can’t believe how expensive colour bulbs are.

Gu10 are mains voltage no transformers needed.

thanks - much appreciated.

Agree that gu10 hue bulbs are ridiculously priced. They are also quite large and may not fit in some housings. I am looking into osram gu10 bulbs which are smaller and compatible instead.