Smart Bulbs without native Base (UK)

Hi, are there any Smartbulbs compatible with Smartthings that do not require their own base? Ideally I’d like to purchase a couple of lights that can be set to come on with a routine when unexpectedly activity/movement is sensored

Osram Lightify or LIFX can both work with the UK smartthings hub without requiring an additional bridge/gateway device. See the official UK compatibility list:

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If you’re not bothered about colour then I would strongly suggest the Ikea Tradfri bulbs.

It’s not “officially” supported, but I’ve actually replaced one of my Hue for Tradfri as I found it more reliable.

Not sure if they work with UK hub but you could check out Sengled. I believe they have standalone LED bulbs that work with SmartThings and don’t require a separate hub.

One other nice thing about the Tradfri is that it remembers the dimming level after a power outage.

Cree Lightbulbs from Home Depot are pretty good too once you get them connected. Its best to connect them right next to the hub and then move them around the house from my experience. They are pretty cheap too at $10-$14 each. They are only in white though.

The Cree bulbs are very nice, but this is a thread in the UK section of the forum, and they are not available in the UK.

Osram/Sylvania, Hue, IKEA, and LIFX are available for both regions. :sunglasses:

The Hive bulbs work really well with Smartthings. Reasonably priced.

I also have wemo bulbs but I would avoid due to…
1.Belkin not making them any more
2.They can be temperamental and need resetting and re-adding every now and then

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Ah missed the UK part.

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I’d forgotten this - I’ve got a Hue porch bulb (covered, but still outdoors) that I’ve been having intemittent signal issues with, been considering swapping it for a Tradfri anyway, but actually the dimming level is the perfect reason to do this.

Thanks all… lot of great leads for me to investigate further! Great community :slight_smile: