Uk Luxaflex powerview blind , is there hub needed?

Hi, had a quote for 2 Luxaflex blinds with powerview automation included, was over £1.2k!!
Question, is there hub needed? For the blinds to connect to smartthings via the custom dth out there?
Is there a cheaper way to purchase normal blinds and an add on to automate them?
Apart from IKEA blinds, as looked at those and wrong fitting for inside the window bay

I spent over 2k£ on those Luxaflex blinds and they are sooo soo beautiful. They work like a charm and yes you need a hub too which I think I paid over 200£. The integration with the hub and IFTT and Alexa doesn’t work great. I had to add a Logitec Harmony hub on top to make it work . With that, is extremely reliable and the battery lasts months before I need to charge it again. I haven’t managed to find a good integration with Smartthings yet. I tried the custom handler on here but it didn’t work for me.