UK Lights/switches

I’ve moved this to projects so that you can get an answer specific to your own situation. Different people have different preferences for how to do a project like this, and there are many different good ways to do it.

If the lights can be wired to a plug and that plug does work (including matching load specs) that’s a very good way to do it. Simple and easy. That’s a typical method for strings of fairy lights at Christmas, or strings of garden spots like the Osram model.

From a lamp’s point of view there’s no difference between a networked pocket socket going on and off and a wall switch going on and off.

What’s the exact model of the lights that you are intending to use? And how many will there be on one switch?

The question of the wall switch is more complicated for the UK because many homes do not have a neutral wire at the wall switch. (A “3 wire” set up.) but there are some in wall micros that you can have wired into just about any light circuit that will then work with a regular switch. For those questions, it’s best to see the UK lighting FAQ:

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