UK Home Light Switch? Recommendations wanted. (July 2018)

Hi Looking for a light switch to work along with Samsung Smart-things Hub…
I have a few double light switches and majority are single light switches… Want to be able to switch on off or dim (from very light to full) by the switch, app, all from the Samsung Smart Things Hub app… there are some many out there I just do not know what to chose from… I will post a pic of the socket for the living room and downstairs hallway

@JDRoberts created a good starting point here (this is a clickable link):

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HI TonyFleisher

Are there any issues regards to electrical current if I keep the light switch I have and just install a micro dimmer switch. Such as or
I have read for the UK, that the electrical current is an issue for some dimmer switches…
The area in question I want to place this is a light switch with 2 switches. 1 to turn on/off the lights for the livingroom, and on the same panel the 2nd switch turns on/off the lights to the hall way…
I have read forums of 2 way 2 gang etc, I believe this refers to such switches…
So any support to look at… we have recently decorated the living room in grey so a silver faceplate etc would be ideal…

Anyways thanks you and all for any help

You first need to find out if you have (or can run) a neutral in your switch backbox - that will dictate what is and is not possible as per the links Tony gave above.

Have checked and their is a neutral wire…

I’ve not used the Aeotech, but have used both the Fibaro and Qubino Dimmers and from your description, either would work here. A single module in the switch backbox connected as per the appropriate diagram would allow you to continue to control both lights from the existing switch and also include it in automations.

You may need to switch out the backbox for a 47mm one in order to fit the module in there. You said you were going to post a photo…

Note though that f your existing switch is (as is likely) a toggle (2-way) switch, then a change of state via an automation will mean the switch can end up “upside down”. ie. down to turn off/up to turn on. To get around that, you can get a pulse/retractive switch. The good thing about these modules is that you’re not limited to smart switches - you can choose the style you want from those available in the market, although there is a much smaller marker for retroactive switches. I’ve landed on the Retrotouch Crystal switches

HI So heres my light switch for the downstairs hallway… this controls our living and front indoor light…

Is this the one you said had a neutral available? Its not clear from that photo.

if not, you could use a Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212), but you’d need two, one to control each light. I assume neither of these are part of a two-way switching circuit (ie. can control a single light from two separate switches)?

If the load from either switch is under 50W, you might also need the bypass modules at the light fitting (FGB-212)

If you don’t need dimming, you could potentially use a single Fibaro Double Switch (FGS-223) to control both lights, but that would mean joining the two live wires and i’m not sure if that could cause problems if they are on separate ring circuits. The Switch does not need the Bypass module but does require a neutral at the switch.

Sorry, heres a better picture… this doesnt control any other light other than the hall way to the door and the other to the living room
Hope this helps

So still no neutral showing. Are you sure you have a neutral?

Have checked, there is a gound, yellow and brown stripe cable, but it appears to be connected to the plate or not at all…so looks like the option will be a setup with out neutral, any thoughts

Yes, so it looks like you have live, switched live and earth (yellow striped). You can use a Fibaro Dimmer module to switch each load. You’ll need two if you want to control both.

Depending on what the load is (<50W?), you may also require a Fibaro Bypass module at each of the light fitments.

Looking at your first picture above, I suspect you will have an issue fitting all that in the back box but could swap it out for a 45/47mm backbox. I’ve used these:

If your earth is not connected to anything, you should fix that and connect it to the existing metal back box and, if you replace the switch to one requiring an earth, also to that.

I’d recommend changing the physical switch to a momentary one, unless you (and your household) are happy that up/down does not mean on/off but flicking the switch just toggles the current load state. I use these (not a supplier recommendation):