Uk I LumoS light switches compatible?

I am new to the smart world …and do not have much technological knowledge. I am in the UK…Does anyone know if ILumoS wifi RF light switches work with Samsung smart things?
The Broadlink rm pro is said to work with them but I don’t know enough about technology to know if this means Samsung smart thing will. Is there a list of products Samsung smarthings can work with or control?

The sad answer is NO
I was in their office today and it only works with Broadlink, I have HomeSeer and RF 433 transmitter-receiver and it also does not connect to it.
I think i works on RF 433 but i do not know what codes does it receive. I also do not know if this iLumoS switches are sending its status or just receiving the commands from remote. It is a shame as they have beautiful dimmers.