UK Building Regs Smart Smoke & Heat Alarms?

I can’t find any smart smoke alarms and heat alarms that are mains wire-able ? Therefore none seem compatible with UK building regs requiring a hardwired system ?

Seems mad that Scotland seems to have approved wireless systems for HMOs but England/UK regs about 20 years behind the technology!

Any solution to this ?

Heatit makes one:

And the manufacturer has been providing edge Drivers for some of their devices, but I don’t know if they’ve done one for that specific device. You should ask in their thread:

[Edge] Heatit Controls Official Edge Driver [v2.2.0]

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Our Z-Smoke does not support a hardwired alarm loops between devices. They do, however, support 230V mains wiring to power the device and wireless associations which will synchronise the alarm outputs.


OK thank you.
Is there a compatible heatit heat alarm, as I need two smokes and one heat to be interconnected.

(Smoke looks good but very expensive at £147)

We do not have a heat alarm which triggers the sirens based on heat, the Z-Smokes do report temperature, but only as a sensor (and thereby trigger interconnected alarms).

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OK thanks, I have to have a heat alarm in the kitchen to avoid cooking setting a smoke alarm off.

I use a Frient heat detector which is battery powered, appreciate you needed hard wired but thought i would put it out there

Also ST Home monitor does not allow for heat detector integration, there are reliable ways around the issue with a virtual smoke alarm but again just putting out there incase interested

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