UK app slowness loading scenes 12 April 2018

My Hub firmware updated automatically this afternoon. This may be a coincidence, but I now find that scenes have vanished from my favourites and are not loading in the scenes tab. They also do not execute if they appear at all.
Anyone else?

Not sure, as I can’t get into the app at the moment! UK also. Perhaps there’s an outage.

Thanks John, it seems to be getting generally worse, so does look like some form of outage, hopefully it won’t develop into anything as bad as we experienced last time.

Appears to be OK now, scenes loading and working again.

Yes, same for me.

The firmware update happened for me a little while ago.
My app is loading properly today but it’s been hit and miss for quite a while (weeks).
I contacted support about it a few days ago.
I included screenshots showing the inability of the app to load the screens.
Support replied and told me that they could see in the screenshots that I wasn’t connected to WiFi, or 4g, which was incorrect.
I was connected, but only one bar was showing on the WiFi indicator in the first screenshot and it’s a bit hard to see.
I still get a very reliable 100Mb/s connection with just one bar showing and I have no problems with my internet.
I assume that support couldn’t be bothered to look at both the screenshots I’d sent because the second one was clearly showing two bars on the WiFi connection.
I imagine that support are probably very busy right now and I didn’t bother to reply or to draw their attention to the second screenshot.
I expect things will improve as the transition to the Samsung accounts progresses so I’ll just wait and see.