Security keypad panel for the UK

hey guys,

I am looking for a keypad that is compatible with ST here in the UK that I can use to arm and disarm the SHM features.

Ideally I would like one that can be used with fobs so that I can give family and friends a fob rather than have them install an app on their phone to use location services for disarming. I did think about giving them an arrival sensor but they are not really all that reliable for me.

I took one out with me today on my usually jollies and when I came back into the house it did change to arrived but only about 1 minute after I entered the house. I was hoping that it would pick it up a little quicker. I guess I could put a Zigbee extender in the garage to extend the range of where it is picked up and I might still do that but at this stage I am just looking at all the options I have available.

Anyone have any suggestions on keypads?

It’s only a 4 digit code, but the zipabox/benext keypad works well, is available on the EU zwave frequency, and comes with key fobs. :sunglasses:

The Popp zwave keypad is much more durable, but also costs 3 times as much and no keyfob s.

SmartThings itself has just started to release a new keypad and fob model, but not much information about it. I believe it’s zigbee, but I’m not sure. This is very new, and I don’t know anyone who has one yet. It’s not listed on the SmartThings site yet and only a few sellers have it.

@rboy is an expert in locks and keypads and may know of some additional options.


Why not just give them an access code for the keypad? No app needed and very reliable if they have use of their hands. (Not everyone does.) You could also set time schedules for when the access code works.

This is what I do with my health aides because not all of them have smart phones. :sunglasses:

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any idea on a supplier in the UK for these? I did a quick google search and couldn’t find any

Sorry, no, so far it’s only showed up on a few German And Dutch sites. I don’t think it’s officially released yet.

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the zipato keypad is ideal shame its indoor only ,
the shm goes into alarm as soon i as i enter the front door ( contact sensor )

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